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The field of Machine learning crosses a wide variety of disciplines that utilize information to discover patterns in the manners both living systems, the human body and artificial frameworks like robots, are developed and perform. In simple words, Machine Learning is the study of how a computer can take in complex ideas from information and experience and looks to address the fundamental research questions supporting the difficulties laid out above.Some of the Machine Learning research topics in Computer Science mainly include:Learning the conceptual structures through processes of developmentLearning strategies to control the robotFinding patterns in the pool of data represented in graphical formRetrieving or extracting information in natural languageTo give you a better understanding of courses offered under Machine Learning, let’s have a look at courses offered by different universities:Machine Learning- Artificial Intelligence CourseThis mini Master’s program planned by Columbia University presents to you a thorough, propelled, proficient and graduate-level primary class in AI and its subfields like ML, Neural Network and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.With an aggregate of 4 courses right now, you can develop a solid foundation of the core values of AI and use this knowledge for genuine challenges and applications. Alongside this, you will also figure out how to plan neural systems and use them to deal with relevant issues. By the end of the program, you will have enough practical information to improve your portfolio and apply for job profiles.Read more: How to Find the Right Machine Learning Techniques for Predictive Maintenance? Machine Learning- From Data to Decision CourseBy taking part in the Machine Learning- From Data to Decision course, you will be able to gain the practical and real-time knowledge of devices and tools utilized in Machine Learning. There are no essentials as far as Math or Computational Science, although fundamental knowledge of measurements is useful.This isn’t a coding course, yet rather a prologue to the numerous ways that Machine Learning tools and techniques can assist settle on with better decisions in a number of circumstances.Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceThis course is for people who have a fundamental knowledge of AI and Machine Learning, and need to take their skill to the next level can participate right now in this Postgraduate Diploma program. This program is offered by Columbia University to assist people with learning and comprehending the core concepts of AI and ML.There are three modules of this program, which incorporates Applied Machine Learning, Applied Artificial Intelligence, and a Capstone Project. During the program, you will get the chance to connect with the course instructor so as to resolve and comprehend complex inquiries queries related to the course.These are some of the Machine Learning courses offered by reputed schools in the USA. Unlike other courses, the majority of the Machine Learning courses primarily focus only on providing knowledge on the Machine Learning algorithms, how they work mathematically, and how to implement them in a programming language.Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field that needs intensive training. Therefore, the ML courses typically involve the basics of Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Engineering.Read more: Machine Learning’s Vital Role in Malware Detection