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Indonesia should embrace artificial intelligence – The Jakarta Post – Jakarta Post

Does everyone agree that artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be avoided? Interestingly, we actually have been using AI in our daily activities for a while, especially the millennial generation, people born between 1981 and 1996. The result of Google search or the posts that appear on our Facebook and Instagram accounts are all processed by AI.
Although there are many skeptical opinions that argue that AI might denote a scary future, we have to consider the fact that the revolution of AI has the potential to be very beneficial for human life, making our future better.           
In the field of production, the application of AI can significantly minimize costs and fast-track production times, resulting in a lower price for end products and services. In manufacturing, where many production activities are done repeatedly, AI will bring a big advantage to Indonesian industry when automation is used. Automation is defined as the replacement of the human workforce by machines that have been AI script programmed to do repeating tasks in production. By doing this, the errors in production can be minimized and more outputs produced and sold at lower prices.
As we tend to be busier in our lives today, the use of AI can be very helpful in arranging our daily activities. For example, if we are managing a fashion store where people may have many suppliers for different types of products, there is the possibility that having many meetings to discuss with suppliers regarding the different shirts, jeans and shoe qualities and quantities to be ordered would take place.
To avoid forgetting or colliding meeting schedules we can utilize an AI personal assistant by allowing it to arrange the schedules and set reminders for us, as suggested by Drew Damer in 2019. This would reduce the cost of errors and lead to reduced costs in fixing them. Then we could allocate that saved time for other important activities.
Furthermore, everyone argues that customer service plays an important role in maintaining customer loyalty. It is important for a company to make sure that its customer service team is doing well and helping customers efficiently. Previously, customer service would usually consist of many people on a phone working in hourly shifts and costing the company a lot since they would have to hire customer service teams with different language proficiencies, pay training costs and also wages.
To increase efficiency in this division, a company could apply an AI chatbot. This smart chatbot could automatically reply to the text-chat from customers in pre-programmed languages, it could also be on standby 24/7 without the need for shift work. The company could save on labor and labor costs. Besides that, a standardized customer service level could be maintained as AI does not have any emotions like a human, who has good and bad days and moods. For these reasons, AI could increase the efficiency of the customer service department of a business.
Taking a countervailing viewpoint, some people ask that if AI takes our jobs then what will be left for us? Actually, a human will still be able to take part in monitoring AI machines’ performance and also evaluate the machines to analyze what the machine could learn and improve from the program script. Others may argue that we are entering a world without privacy but they do not consider that it could be very beneficial in terms of lowering costs, making life easier and lifting up our overall standard of living.
We need to be optimistic that the AI revolution will bring many advantages for humans in many fields of work, instead of scary disadvantages. The efficiency of production will lower the price of the end-product, time efficiency will help individuals be more productive and the use of AI chatbots will bring about better customer service levels, eliminating the problem of disgruntled customers. We should embrace the AI digital revolution.
The writer is a final year student at Sampoerna University in Jakarta. The writer studies at the School of Management, majoring in management-entrepreneurship.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official stance of The Jakarta Post.