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The edtech startup was founded in 2018 by Kavita Mehta, who earlier led Asia’s leading education consultancy. Caymus, with its expansive, integrated, and holistic perspective, believes in driving empowerment on the bedrock of education, skills, and technology. The company‘s robust machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered platforms help recent graduates and experienced individuals identify targeted opportunities for personal and professional development. The company raised a seed round of funding in June 2019 and commercially launched its offering in November 2019.
What are your tech products in the B2B space (for corporates and education institutions)?LoreForTeams is an enterprise-ready learning experience platform that allows companies to offer targeted skilling opportunities to their entire employee base. Lore’s proprietary technology leverages AI, ML, data analytics, and social learning to deliver a best-in-class experience. Leaders can select from over one million aggregated options, or add proprietary content and external resources, to address universal talent challenges faced by organisations across recruiting, onboarding, and upskilling.
How can emerging technologies like AI and ML transform the learning process?Ed tech allows learners to access cutting-edge instructional tools such as adaptive learning, a system that uses AI and ML algorithms to modify learning material in real-time in response to student performance. AI can also improve instructor efficiency by reducing time invested in evaluating assignments and marking assessments. The predictive capabilities of AI helps the instructor understand trends and patterns in student performance, thereby making it easier to tweak teaching methodologies and material to improve absorption and retention.
Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) allow immersive experiences that especially appeal to certain categories of learners. For example, VR/AR can be used to simulate language immersion scenarios, thereby allowing auditory and social learners to hear and practice speaking a language they are acquiring.
How does your platform help the management and the HR team retain talent?With digital transformation and automation changing the fabric of work across the globe, organisations and professionals need new tools and techniques in order to stay relevant and to acquire an edge for career advancement. A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that, by 2020, 42 per cent of the core skills required for most jobs would change. Further, 49 per cent of employees prefer to learn at the point of need but are hard-pressed to identify the right-fit learning options; more than 50 per cent of employees say that they would spend more time learning if their manager suggested a course to improve skills. At the same time, 52 per cent of managers say they would encourage learning if a system helped to recommend courses based on certain criteria.
LoreforTeams is an intelligent skilling and learning partner that recommends relevant options from major providers, niche offerings, and domain experts. The hassle-free platform helps build, retain and empower talent so leaders can keep their organisations moving forward.
What are your plans for the future in terms of new technologies and strategic expansion?Our future plans include including more provider feeds to help users access the full universe of learning options available to them and developing more Learning Pathways to help with career exploration. As for strategic expansion, we plan on working with educational institutions, government organisations and other large players to onboard as many individual users to the platform as possible. Finally, as it relates to technology, we are continually tweaking our algorithms to improve accuracy and relevancy of our recommendations.
Case Study
Epigamia, India’s premium all-natural Greek yogurt brand, manufactures and distributes flavoured yogurt, smoothies, and other dairy-based snacks.
LoreForTeams is Epigamia’s internal Learning Experience Platform. “We not only power the company’s functional upskilling but also help enhance HR activities such as on-boarding and are enabling the creation of a central repository of knowledge through a knowledge wallet,” says Mehta.
After a quick onboarding of the company’s platform champions, a pilot for HR functional training was designed, created and assigned within the HR team. On successful completion, Excel training was implemented for employees across the organisation. Next up: Upskilling in the sales function for local and remote sales staff.
“Together with the internal learning champions, we are brainstorming the range of ways in which LoreForTeams can be utilised for new employee onboarding to engage with new employees prior to joining,” states Mehta, adding that meanwhile, internal proprietary information is being collated and linked on LoreForTeams so the company has an easy-to-use and access the knowledge wallet through which all employees can uniformly learn about processes, products, plans and much more.
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