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AI and machine learning algorithms have made aptitude tests more accurate. Here’s how – EdexLive

The rapid advancements of technologies within the spheres of communication and education have enriched and streamlined career counselling services across the globe. One area that has gone from strength to strength is psychometric assessment. As a career coach, one is now able to gain profound insights into their clients’ personalities. The most advanced psychometric assessments are able to map the test takers across numerous dimensions, such as intellectual quotient, emotional quotient, and orientation style, just to name a few. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, psychometric and aptitude tests are now able to accurately gauge the test takers’ aptitudes and subsequently generate result reports that enable them to career counsellors to identify the best-suited career trajectories for their clients.

Technology has allowed professionals in the domain of career counselling to expand their horizons and reach larger audiences. Some of the ways that they are using to connect with their includes the following:

Today, one may provide sought-after career counselling services to clients who are thousands of miles away using web conferencing platforms such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. 
Using the same, counsellors may share valuable resources such as career-related presentations and dossiers with their clients and facilitate their learning.
Technology has also made it possible to create vast repositories of information for which counsellors had to previously spend long hours scouring the web. Now, information about thousands of study programs in various higher education institutions, entrance examinations, and scholarships is just a few clicks away!

Don’t let scepticism bog you down

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continuing to influence career counselling services, one may ponder the requirement for human intervention in the highly automated process. Are we required to partake in the process? Is our input important? Such questions might bother you. The simple answer to such nagging questions is YES!

Given the might of AI and ML, it is natural to grow sceptical about the nature of career counselling. However, be mindful that you, and only you, have the unique ability to empathize with other individuals. This is what gives us the upper hand over machines when it comes to counselling. Having said that, the intersection of advanced technologies and human thought is where career counselling thrives.   

The best of both worlds

Leveraging this synergy, Mindler, an EdTech startup headquartered in New Delhi, is revolutionizing career counselling services and empowering individuals to enter this fulfilling line of work. 

Their proprietary psychometric and aptitude assessment, that maps students across 56 dimensions and is being hailed as India’s most advanced psychometric assessment, coupled with the interactive career counselling sessions convened by eminent career coaches makes for a nourishing package that guides students to their ideal careers. In a nutshell, Mindler has identified a sweet spot that harnesses powerful technologies and synthesizes that with expert advice from seasoned career counsellors. Therefore, the startup is ahead of its time and promises a bright future for the young learners of this nation. 

(Eesha Bagga is the Director (Partnerships & Alliances) of Mindler, a career guidance and mapping platform)