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When Artificial Intelligence Meets Cryptography: a Pop Culture Trope –

When envisioning pop culture, depending on what generation you might be born into, the perceptions range from HAL 9000’s glowing Red Eye from 2001 to Ava from Ex-Machina. However, the most modern concept of pop culture comes hand in hand with artificial intelligence. To make the experience wholesome, we look at artificial intelligence or specifically, machine language and cryptography as sister fields to see the implications of the phenomena in modern-day culture as well as in the times to come.
As products of a capitalist society, the millennials are inebriated with the concept of privacy, security and the idea of personal space. As such, one can understand that the hype for artificial intelligence is essentially due to its capability of creating machines that can mimic or surpass human proficiency. These machines can adapt to self-optimization in various scenarios to keep up-to-date with each new phenomena being introduced. Thus, a closed-loop feedback system is induced. Furthermore, in the digital world, the need for security is ever increasing which is where cryptography comes in.
Assiduous individuals work behind the screens to introduce cryptographic algorithms which provide blankets of security and are astonishingly adept in many logic-based situations. The blockchain systems when efficiently designed, also, incentivize users to contribute to the network whilst getting benefit from it; a phenomenon essential in a time when AI has become game masters in their own right. This can be further understood through an example.
If developers develop an AI solution in a centralized platform, they need to ensure an authentic interface for a reliable representation of an AI output. Furthermore, they also need to ensure that the integrity and security of the data is maintained. In a situation like this, if a blockchain system is used, its transparency and accessibility pump up the security that is required by the developer of the AI algorithm.
However, one must understand that artificial intelligence and its off-shoots are not a future trend, they are already here and they are influencing our day-to-day activities. Perceptions will always vary but one can hold artificial intelligence analogous to a Chocolate truffle surprise. No matter how many times you open it and see the decadent goodness, you can never be sure what flavour you will find on the inside. In short, for each new flavour, you will develop a different kind of fondness.