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Artificial Intelligence in Action – Nextgov

Tomorrow’s technologies are in use by today’s federal civilian and defense agencies. Artificial intelligence—once the stuff of science fictionˆhas become a staple of the Trump administration’s technology policy, and its use is increasing among agencies looking to improve efficiencies and decision making. The White House and presidential advisers are grappling with how to promote AI and other emerging technologies, like quantum computing, and how they may shape the industries of the future. At the same time, federal agencies are mapping out their plans for the technology. The Labor Department plans to explore how automation can transform federal buying. The Pentagon developed and staffed a center entirely dedicated to unifying and enhancing the military’s AI capabilities, as did the Veterans Affairs Department.  In this ebook, Nextgov examines how AI and other technologies are advancing across the government, and what the technological horizon might look like.Click here to download this free ebook.