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Company Continues to Deliver Access to Leading Edge Technologies Through Partnership ProgramBlue Prism continues to provide easy access to the latest and most innovative technologies that accelerate and scale automation projects via the company’s Digital Exchange (DX), an intelligent automation “app store” and online community. To date, Blue Prism DX assets have been downloaded tens of thousands of times, making it the ideal online community for augmenting and extending traditional RPA deployments.Recommended AI News: Essential Technology For Remote Workers During The COVID-19 PandemicEvery month new Blue Prism affiliate Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners add their intelligent automation capabilities to the DX, augmenting and extending the power of Blue Prism. Companies like Equinix are using assets found on the DX to streamline business processes for its accounts payable team resulting in a projected up to 7,000 hours returned to business annually and a 60 percent reduction in supplier query response times (from 1 week to 2 days).This month innovators like Artificial Solutions, CLEVVA and TAIGER have joined the Blue Prism DX making their software accessible to all. The latest capabilities on the DX enable organizations to take advantage of conversational AI applications, front-office automations as well as gaining insights from unstructured data such as emails, chat transcripts, outbound marketing materials, internal memos and legal documents, in a way that hasn’t been previously possible.Recommended AI News: VMware Enables Cloud Providers To Deliver The Software-Defined Data Center From Any Cloud“The Blue Prism DX community is a game changer because it enables, augments and extends our Digital Workforce capabilities with drag-and-drop ease of use,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “It provides easy access to the latest innovations in intelligent automation through search and an a la carte menu of options. Our Technology Alliance Partners provide easy access to their software integrations via the DX, so everyone can drive better business outcomes via their Digital Workforce.”Below is a quick summary of the new capabilities being brought to market by these new TAP affiliate partners:Artificial Solutions enables customers of Blue Prism to extend their RPA implementations through an intelligent conversational interface, all the way from consumer engagement to process execution and resolution. This runs the gamut from answering a simple billing query or booking a reservation, to delivering advice on complex topics or resetting a home automation task, an intelligent conversational interface delivers a more human-like, natural experience.The company’s award-winning conversational AI platform Teneo allows intelligent conversational chatbots to integrate directly with Blue Prism’s Digital Workers, providing a personalized interface that guides and supports end-users as they fill out data. Teneo runs across 36 languages, multiple platforms and channels, and the ability to analyze enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated, delivering new levels of customer insight.“We’re delighted to be working with Blue Prism and its customers helping them further extend the value of existing and new RPA implementations,” says Andy Peart, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. “Teneo’s highly conversational capabilities deliver the accuracy needed to understand and respond in a near-humanlike way, improving efficiency for the client while giving users the seamless experience they’re looking for.”Recommended AI News: Tech Taking Over Our Lives: Smart Phones And The Internet Of Things (IoT)CLEVVA helps customers realize straight-through processing across staff-assisted and digital self-service channels. This solution enables front office staff to navigate through rule-based decisions and actions, so they get it right, while driving intelligent self-service across any digital interface (website, mobile app, chatbot, social media, in store kiosk). The combination of CLEVVA’s front office digital workers with Blue Prism allows customers to effectively automate end-to-end processes across multiple channels in a consistent, compliant and context-relevant way.“We allow companies to capture the business logic that sits outside of operational systems—normally residing in experts, knowledge bases and decision tree scripts—and place it into a digital worker,” says Ryan Falkenberg, co-CEO and founder of CLEVVA. “By coupling our ability to navigate customer engagements with Blue Prism’s ability to perform required system actions, we’re making end-to-end process automation a reality.”Recommended AI News: Neustar and Partner to Unify TV and Digital AttributionTAIGER helps customers drive greater efficiencies through the automation of complex cognitive tasks which require interpretation, understanding and judgment. By using semantic technology, TAIGER’s AI software can read documents and accurately extract data points to automate business tasks, while helping customers make faster and better-informed business decisions.“We are committed to scale our solution and forge strong global partnerships that bring about a new era of productivity for organizations,” says Founder and CEO of TAIGER, Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo. “This partnership encourages us to keep pushing the boundaries of AI in our quest to achieve the best in man-machine collaboration.”Recommended AI News: Opinion: Young Jamaican’s Invention Could Help Tackle Spread of Viruses Like COVID-19