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Rise in the demand for Machine Learning & AI skills in the post-COVID world – Times of India

The world has seen an unprecedented challenge and is battling this invisible enemy with all their might. The Novel coronavirus spread has left the global economies holding on to strands, businesses impacted and most people locked down. But while the physical world has come to a drastic halt or slow-down, the digital world is blooming. And in addition to understanding the possibilities of home workspaces, companies are finally understanding the scope of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A trend that was already gardening all the attention in recent years, ML & AI have particularly taken the centre-stage as more and more brands realise the possibilities of these tools. According to a research report released in February, demand for data engineers was up 50% and demand for data scientists was up 32% in 2019 compared to the prior year. Not only is machine learning being used by researchers to tackle this global pandemic, but it is also being seen as an essential tool in building a world post-COVID.

This pandemic is being fought on the basis of numbers and data. This is the key reason that has driven people’s interest in
Machine Learning
. It helps us in collecting, analysing and understanding a vast quantity of data. Combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning has the power to help with an early understanding of problems and quick resolutions. In recent times, ML & AI are being
used by doctors
and medical personnel to track the virus, identify potential patients and even analyse the possible cure available. Even in the current economic crisis, jobs in data science and machine learning have been least affected. All these factors indicate that machine learning and artificial intelligence are here to stay. And this is the key reason that data science is an area you can particularly focus on, in this lockdown.
The capabilities of Machine Learning and Data Sciences
One of the key reasons that a number of people have been able to shift to working from home without much hassle has to be the use of ML & AI by businesses. This shift has also motivated many businesses, both small-scale and large-scale, to re-evaluate their functioning. With companies already announcing plans to look at a more robust working mechanism, which involves less office space and more detailed and structured online working systems, the focus on Machine Learning is bound to increase considerably.
The Current PossibilitiesThe world of data science has been coming out stronger during this lockdown and the interest and importance given to the subject are on the rise. AI-powered mechanics and operations have already made it easier to manage various spaces with lower risks and this trend of turning to AI is bound to increase in the coming years. This is the reason that being educated in this field can improve your skills in this segment. If you are someone who has always been intrigued by data sciences and machine learning or are already working in this field and are looking for ways to accelerate your career, there are various courses that you can turn to. With the increased free time that staying at home has facilitated us with, beginning an additional degree to pad up your resume and also learn some cutting-edge concepts while gaining access to industry experts.
Start learning more about Machine Learning & AIIf you are wondering where to begin this journey of learning, a leading online education service provider, upGrad, has curated programs that would suit you! From Data Sciences to in-depth learnings in AI, there are multiple programs on their website that covers various domains. The
PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI
, in particular, has a brilliant curriculum that will help you progress in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A carefully crafted program from IIIT Bangalore which offers 450+ hours of learning with more than 10 practical hands-on capstone projects, this program has been designed to help people get a deeper understanding of the real-life problems in the field.
Understanding the PG Diploma in Machine Learning & AIThis 1-year program at upGrad has been articulated especially for working professionals who are looking for a career push. The curriculum consists of 30+ Case Studies and Assignments and 25+ Industry Mentorship Sessions, which help you to understand everything you need to know about this field. This program has the perfect balance between the practical exposure required to instil better management and problem-solving skills as well as the theoretical knowledge that will sharpen your skills in this category. The program also gives learners an IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status and Job Placement Assistance with Top Firms on successful completion.
You can know more about the program
The use of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence is bound to grow from here in our daily business environment. And to combat this, it is essential to have ML & AI experts in the field. So if you have always been keen on sharpening your skills in this field or simply accelerate your growth in this career choice, the PG Diploma in Machine Learning is perfect for you. Even from the cost aspect, the No-Cost EMI option for payment of the program fee makes it easily manageable for working professionals. If you want to learn more about enrolling in this program, you can
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Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of upGrad by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.