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AIkido Pharma Executes AI and ML Research Agreement – AiThority

Agreement to Advance Genetic Marker Research for Pancreatic CancerAIkido Pharma Inc. announced execution of an Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning (ML) research agreement with Cogia Biotech LTD to accelerate the Company’s pancreatic cancer genetic marker research.  Cogia is a Big-data, AI, and ML software company committed to using powerful AI engines and algorithms to develop compelling outcomes in drug development.  Cogia provides state-of-the-art digital information and discovery tools to subject-matter experts and scientists working in genetics and cancer research, to advance drug development.  Cogia’s existing clients include many international companies, including international pharmaceutical companies.Cogia will augment the Company’s efforts of using machine learning to find genetic markers that could lead to pancreatic cancer. As with many cancers, early detection is vital, but in pancreatic cancer, surgical intervention is currently the only effective treatment for the extension of life. Pancreatic cancer is relatively rare; however, it is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.  The disease is often asymptomatic, making early detection and treatment difficult or even impossible. Only 20% of individuals are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early enough to be surgical candidates. Reliable markers for early detection will expand the number of patients who are eligible for life-extending surgery.Recommended AI News: Nokia and ABI Research Identify Key Trends in Manufacturing Investment to Enable Industry 4.0Andreas Typaldos, Executive Chairman of Cogia Biotech, expressed his excitement about the research agreement with AIkido. “Even during the preparatory work leading up to this strategic agreement with AIkido, one could see the promise of compelling outcomes in early and better detection of pancreatic cancer and possibility for novel and more effective therapeutics using state-of-the-art technologies like AI and ML. The very earliest project-design work sessions between Cogia Biotech AI/ML data scientists, bio-informatics engineers, and cancer research scientists, on one hand, and AIkido and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center research scientists, on the other, clearly pointed to how compelling and appropriate is the vision of Anthony Hayes for having AIkido use of these breakthrough biotech technologies in disease detection and drug development. We are excited and honored to be part of Anthony’s plan and effort.”Recommended AI News: Field Squared Selected by Health Testing Solutions to Automate Its Mobile Occupational Medical Services OperationsAnthony Hayes, CEO of AIkido stated, “We have completed several significant capital raises and are now putting that capital to work with the aim of achieving asymmetric rewards for our shareholders. As part of our goal to increase our use of AI and ML in drug development, our new research agreement with Cogia augments our pancreatic cancer research project with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  Cogia has significant depth and skill, as demonstrated by their notable client base.  We believe that Cogia can help us use machine learning to develop panels of markers to rapidly identify patients who have initiated early events in pancreatic cancer. Moreover, it is the goal of the machine learning protocols to identify which individuals are at risk for slow or rapid progression of the disease and catalyze the development of better early detection methods. It is our objective that the machine learning approach will help identify drugs best suited for potentially lifesaving individual patient treatment.  We are proud to partner with Cogia on this project.”Recommended AI News: SaltStack Research Finds Automation and Alignment are Vital to SecOps SuccessShare and Enjoy !