Soon, artificial intelligence to solve Chandigarh’s traffic woes – Hindustan Times

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  • June 15, 2020
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In 18 month’s time, artificial intelligence (AI) will be resolving the city’s worsening traffic woes and running a host of public grievance redressal processes.AI and machine learning technology-based adaptive traffic control system (ATCS) will monitor real-time traffic conditions in the city. It will improve the signal timing and help in easing traffic snarls. In the first phase to be completed by December 2021, the system will be installed in 40 junctions across the city.The ATCS is one of the components of the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC). The Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) on Monday signed a contract worth ₹295 crore with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) paving the way for the construction of an ICCC Complex, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for all utility services and Police Command Center (PCCC).KK Yadav, MC commissioner-cum-chief executive officer (CEO) of the CSCL, said, “These command centres shall act as the brain of the city, with an on-premise data centre hosting all relevant solutions for all following field systems, and data analytic tools for informative decision-making, better disaster management and smarter governance.”MORE THAN 1,000 CAMERAS TO BE INSTALLEDICCC will monitor the smart field elements like CCTV surveillance cameras. For real-time surveillance of traffic junctions and other important city buildings like water works, parks, government hospitals, community centers, parking locations, schools etc, more than 1,000 cameras will be installed at 285 locations.The ICCC system will include an advanced video analytic system and will generate automatic event alerts. This will help in real-time surveillance of the city and shall generate alarms for specific incidents on the intelligent traffic management system (ITMS).“The monitoring and issuance of the challans for violations of different traffic offences will go automatic through the AI-based traffic enforcement systems (TES),” said Yadav.TES includes red-light violation detection in the first phase supported at 40 Junctions, speeding violation at 10 locations, automatic number plate recognition at 40 junctions and at the city’s 20 entry and exit points.“This will help in making roads safer and reducing accidents,” said Yadav.IMPROVED PUBLIC ADDRESSING SYSTEMAlso part of the improved traffic management system will be a public addressing system and variable message signs. For communication, city-wide optical fiber cable of around 250 km will be laid.“A host of other services provided by the administration and the MC will be integrated with the SCADA system. A dedicated call centre will also be a part of this project to help residents get real-time information of the services provided under Chandigarh smart city project. Services, too, will be monitored and the data center will collect and analyse their quality and delivery. This will help in better decision-making, and consequently improve customer service,” said Yadav.