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Health tech startups use AI, ML to combat coronavirus – Livemint

NEW DELHI: From automated health assessments to machine learning powered diagnosis, healthcare tech startups like Innovaccer, and TruFactor are leveraging the power of the cloud to develop new technologies to combat covid-19.

Mumbai-based uses an artificial intelligence-powered solution to identify 24 different abnormalities in a chest X-ray, including ones indicative of a covid-19 infection.
Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and trained using machine learning to detect pulmonary problems, including diseases like tuberculosis, the original solution has been repurposed by Qure for the ongoing pandemic.
Given the global shortage of test kits, Qure’s machine learning solution qXR can very quickly prioritize those who need to be tested immediately and those who need to be self-isolated, thus helping to maximise resource utilization.
Since the launch of the covid-19 version in March, qXR has been deployed in over 40 sites globally, including Mumbai. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has deployed this cost-effective and scalable solution to assist the front line critical healthcare professionals.
“When we are testing large numbers of patients, qXR can help in triaging asymptomatic patients who need immediate intervention.. so we can help identify cases before it’s too late,” said Rohit Ghosh, founding member, “AWS provides the scalability and support needed in deploying the solutions quickly and robustly across parts of the world.”
Trufactor, a subsidiary of InMobi Group, uses geo-mobility intelligence to arrest the spread of covid-19. It gives enterprises access to consumer data and intelligence that helps them understand how social behaviour is changing due to the ongoing crisis and ensure the appropriate response.
“Data has a key role to play as we come to terms with the impact of this pandemic. Besides modelling the outbreak, it provides important inputs to help determine policy actions as the economy reopens. Our customers are using this data intelligence to model changes in customer behaviour to predict the new normal post covid-19, and develop their business strategy,” said Vivek Iyer, vice-president of strategic partnerships at TruFactor.
Iyer added that there has been a 25% increase in requests for the TruFactor data since the outbreak, especially from universities and companies in retail, consumer and financial services space.
Similarly, Aiisma, a data marketplace, has developed an app for contact tracing and symptom mapping features which was launched about 6 weeks ago. “Our symptom mapping feature has helped signal possible infection multiple times now for the users and advised them to contact authorities,” says Ankit Chaudhari, co-founder, Aiisma.
US-headquartered healthcare technology startup Innovaccer has launched a covid-19 management system, which helps in community-based triaging of patients in minutes through automated assessments. The solution also provides remote patient monitoring and treatment to offer a safer environment for healthcare workers. The startup offers multiple services such as tele-health, patient and provider apps, email, chat, and notification services.
“We chose AWS server-less computing technology to scale up rapidly in response to events, and automatically manage the computing resources required. This allows us to focus on the user experience minimising our time and costs significantly, and ensures data security and privacy,” says Kanav Hasija, co-founder, Innovaccer.
Innovacer’s platform has been adopted by the governments of Goa and Puducherry. The health ministry of Goa launched its patient testing app for covid-19 with Innovaccer in mid-March called “Test Yourself Goa.”
Within three days of the launch, more than 25,000 citizens had already used the app to assess their vulnerability to covid-19.

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