AI and Machine Learning Are Changing Everything. Here’s How You Can Get In On The Fun – ExtremeTech

  • Lauren
  • June 22, 2020
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There isn’t a new story every week about an interesting new application of artificial intelligence and machine learning happening out there somewhere. There are actually at least five of those stories. Maybe 10. Sometimes, even more.Like how UK officials are using AI to spot invasive plant species and stop them before they cause expensive damage to roads. Or how artificial intelligence is playing a key role in the fight against COVID-19. Or even in the ultimate in mind-bending “Black Mirror”-type ideas, how AI is actually being used to help to build and manage…other AIs.Scariness aside, the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the planet is taking hold in virtually every industry imaginable. With implications like that, it isn’t hard to understand how a computer science type trained in AI practices can become a key member of any business — with a paycheck to match.The skills to get into this exploding field can be had in training like The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle ($34.99, over 90 percent off).The collection features four courses and almost 80 hours of content, introducing interested students to the skills, tools and processes needed to not only understand AI, but apply that knowledge to any given field. With nearly 200,000 positive reviews offered from more than a million students who have taken the courses, it’s clear why these Super Data Science-taught training sessions attract so many followers.The coursework begins at the heart of AI and machine learning with the Python A-Z course.The language most prominently linked to the development of such techniques, students follow step-by-step tutorials to understand how Python coding works, then apply that training to actual real-world exercises. Even learners who had never delved into AI’s inner workers said the course made them “fascinated to learn more in data science.”With the basic underpinnings in hand, students move to Machine Learning A-Z, where more advanced theories and algorithms take on practical shape with a true user’s guide to crafting your own thinking computers. Students get a true feel for machine learning from professional data scientists, who help even complex ideas like dimensionality reduction become relatable.In Deep Learning A-Z, large data sets work hand-in-hand with programming fundamentals to help students unlock AI principles in some exciting projects. Students work with artificial neural networks and put them into practice to see how machines can actually think for themselves.Finally, Tensorflow 2.0: A Complete Guide on the Brand New Tensorflow takes a closer look at Tensorflow, one of the most powerful tools AI experts use to craft working networks. Actual Tensorflow exercises will explain how to build models and construct large-scale neural networks so machines can understand all the information they’re processing, then use that data to define their own solutions to problems.Regularly priced at $200 per course, you can pick up all four courses now for just $34.99.Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the relevant retail sites for more information. For more great deals, go to our partners at read: