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Tellius unveils on-demand AI platform

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is intended to lower analytics costs and provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive package.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) company Tellius on Wednesday announced the availability of an on-demand SaaS machine learning (ML) application intended to help business users and analytics teams understand what drives business performance and uncover the reasons metrics in their data are changing. 

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According to Tellius, On-Demand lowers the cost of enterprise-grade data analytics by up to 80% compared to legacy analytics and visualization tools by allowing organizations to pay only for what they use. 

On-Demand can evaluate billions of data points to uncover insights businesses can use to make decisions, the company said. The platform uses natural language processing so users can interactively explore data using ad-hoc queries.

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“Our target market spans companies of every size, from innovative startups to global brands,” said Ajay Khanna, Tellius’ founder and CEO. “We help these companies get … insights across use cases such as optimizing multichannel marketing campaigns, analyzing consumer credit risk in financial services, accelerating payer analytics for pharma, and embedding data analytics into business applications.”

Typical Tellius customers often lack the data science specialists who have the skills sets needed to use machine learning tools like DataRobot or the programming knowledge to build models in Python or R, the company said. Tellius’ Guided Insights platform, which powers its On-Demand offering, allows customers to support the end-to-end workflow of connecting and preparing data, automating discovery, and sharing the results with business users through interactive dashboards.

Like most SaaS offerings, On-Demand automatically scales to match user demand and works on a consumption-based pricing model that charges customers only for the data processing and compute power they’ve actually consumed. Tellius also is offering a freemium model, where users can get started with no upfront payments. Customers can also purchase Tellius Enterprise to deploy on-premises or in their own cloud. 

The company said it is able to differentiate itself against competitors like Tableau, Qlik, Thoughtspot, and Outlier because their offerings are either too manual or too narrowly focused on specific use cases. According to Tellius, its Guided Insight platform can provide analysis and answer 10 times faster insights than traditional data analytics offerings. 

“We have a more comprehensive offering in terms of the types of insights we generate,” said Khanna, “including surfacing hidden customer segments, uncovering ‘why’ insights, trend driver, and identifying anomalous behaviors … and the elastically scalable distributed architecture that we support which no one provides. 

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