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Is Artificial intelligence the Future of IT Help Desk? – Analytics Insight

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest markets for growth within the field of technology today. In fact, AI is rapidly empowering us to make major changes to various fields within the realm of technology. Help desk is no stranger to the idea that there is room for improvement within this niche of technology.
Businesses use help desk software to manage a variety of different types of information. From customers’ questions and concerns to employee computer repair requests, help desk is a solution for organizing, responding to, and gathering results from each of those individual tickets that are completed.
If you utilize a help desk for your own business, then you may have wondered how help desk could be changing in the near future. You might even be surprised that one of the many ways help desk could change is by utilizing AI technology to improve its accuracy and dependability.

Virtual Chats
One of the biggest areas of improvement that comes through the AI world within technology is the use of bots to chat with customers about their needs and any questions which may arise. Using AI, a business can employ virtual chatbots to troubleshoot concerns from the person visiting the help desk, SysAid is one such business already trialling out and employing AI on help desk concerns. This can greatly reduce the number of tickets that the help desk employees go through on a daily basis.

Although you can give users the opportunity to code their ticket in a certain priority rank, you can also use AI to help formulate the order in which those tickets should be reviewed. This function would also make the help desk more intuitive for the user because it can help the user auto-populate various options.

Building Insight
There are a number of ways that AI tools can help to build insight into the information that a help desk might find useful. First, using AI tools, a help desk can populate responses to the problem that a person is reporting. This can help to reduce the number of tickets that the help desk has to respond to on a daily basis.
AI can also help to formulate the most popular types of insight that are requested through this tool. Tracking this type of data can help the tech team to understand where there are weaknesses in their systems in use. Further, this same type of data tracking can help the tech team understand their weaknesses in response to certain issues as well. Using this data, tech teams can enhance their own performance to the questions that are posed through help desk technology.

Final Thoughts
Artificial intelligence is going to change the way that a lot of different technology tools are able to help us in the future. These tools automate processes and actually help the tech team to manage and understand their own worth in a new light. Further, AI can automate the system in such a way that the tech team has time to focus less on help desk requests and more on the bigger issues at hand with their resources.

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