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This AI-ML programme is empowering professionals to solve real-world problems in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

As the world struggles to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are playing a key role in better understanding and addressing the crisis – right from scaling communications and understanding its spread, to speeding up research and treatment and much more.

Organisations, big or small, are also adapting AI and ML capabilities to ensure business continuity, boost agility and scale operations and security. This in turn means that organisations will require experts in the field to manage and utilise these technologies.

In fact, a study by the International Data Corporation predicts that AI jobs could increase as much as 16 percent in 2020, as against the 13 percent predicted in the pre-COVID-19 days.

In India, the AI adoption rate has been on a steady rise and by 2025, at least 50 percent of enterprise applications will have embedded AI functionality and will become integral to businesses, the study shows. NASSCOM also predicts that over 75 percent of IT projects in India will have an AI component included. So, as companies find new ways to adapt to the current reality, deploying AI-enabled solutions will be an important part of recovery and future growth, making AI/ML extremely relevant skills to have.

In such a scenario, upskilling in AI and ML is imperative to remaining relevant in the job market. Paving the way for tech professionals to build AI/ML expertise, TalentSprint, along with India’s top Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad is offering a six month-long, in-depth and comprehensive Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML.

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High Impact, Safe, flexible and remote

Fully-committed to the learner’s safety, availability and aspiration towards excellence, IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint have already completed 14 cohorts. While the first 11 cohorts were delivered in hybrid format, last 3 cohorts have been delivered predominantly in an interactive online format which combines the schedule and rigor of a in-class format with the flexibility and safety of the online format. This also opens up the program for participants from across the country.

Participants enrolling for the upcoming cohort 15 starting August end, will be able to:

  1. Attend live interactive online classes by top professors from the safety of their homes
  2. Study on a practitioner’s curriculum with industry projects and hackathons
  3. Get access to high-quality peer-learning, mentored group labs, and hackathons on digital platform
  4. Avail long term interest-free EMI options

Why sign up?

The hiring growth for AI/ML roles has grown 74 percent annually in the past four years as per a World Economic Forum. It also states that over 133 million new roles will surface due to AI and ML and create nearly 58 million new jobs by 2022.

Also, given the present outlook, professionals with AI capabilities are likely to be spared from the current wave of layoffs and would be looked as a key asset to the organisation instead.

If you’re wondering what makes the Advanced Certification in AI-ML stand out, here’s a look

i) IIIT Hyderabad advantage

Apart from the fact that this programme is offered by IIIT Hyderabad, #1 in AI and Robotics Research in India, it has adopted an all-new interactive live online delivery and mentored labs format to ensure better learning in these times. The programme follows a unique five-step learning process to ensure fast-track learning: Masterclass lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, hackathons and workshops. Moreover, participants will get a chance to learn and collaborate with leading people from academia, industry and global bluechip institutions. Participants will receive an advanced certification by IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab.

ii) A practitioners’ curriculum

This six-month long programme is designed for working professionals to gain practical knowledge on AI and ML applications. It is structured from the practitioner’s viewpoint and hence is very different from typical academic programmes, although retaining the academic rigour of IIIT Hyderabad. The programme starts with real-world use cases along with an introduction to the algorithms and foundational concepts related to such real-world use cases.

This context makes learning effective for a working professional. All practical labs are available online on the platform where you will have the option to interact with a mentor during the lab sessions. It provides a high-impact experience given that it enables peer-learning because this is not just an online programme, but an interactive live online programme.

iii) A hybrid learning platform

TalentSprint’s hybrid learning platform values your time and aspirations and is designed to help you build your expertise 24×7. The platform is preferred by leading academic institutions including IIM Calcutta, IIT Kanpur and IIIT Hyderabad. The platform is also built for scale, with over 30,000 participants using this platform for their learning.

iv) World class faculty

Participants are taught and mentored by world-class faculty, which includes programme director and lead faculty Dr. C. V. Jawahar and Anoop Namboodiri, Associate Professor, IIIT Hyderabad. While Dr Jawahar is a renowned expert in Machine Learning and optimisation, document image analysis, and computer vision problems, Mr Namboodirii is associated with the Centre for Visual Information Technology and is an expert in pattern recognition, biometrics, document understanding, and computer vision.

v) A deep dive into AI/ML with hands-on practice

With this course, participants will be able to refresh their knowledge on the coding and mathematics necessary for building expertise in AI/ML. They will also learn to translate real-world problems in terms of AI/ML abstractions, apply standard AI/ML algorithms to create AI/ML applications and implement practical solutions using Deep Learning techniques with mentor support.

And that’s not all. The programme is also the most trusted by experienced professionals, with a Net Promoter Score of 83 and high completion rate of 96 percent.

A recent survey by TalentSprint on the preferred approach to learning showed that nearly 80 percent of the respondents agreed that programmes for professionals should be structured differently from an academic programme for students. Above 60 percent support peer learning as a significant element for professional education. That learning with peers will enhance skill-building capability. The Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML checks all these boxes and more.

Swaroop Shivaram, Principal Engineer, Target, who was part of the previous cohort said that the structured curriculum with industry projects and hackathons made this course very effective. Commenting on the benefits of peer learning and practical approach of the programme, Tejeswini, Project Engineer, Skyrus Engineering, who was part of the previous cohort, said, “Working with a group of intellectuals on projects helped in reinforcing the concepts learnt during lectures. Participating in hackathons with a diverse group of people gave me an opportunity to learn, and exchange ideas and knowledge with them.”

So, if you are a tech professional with at least one year of experience along with a background in coding and want to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities in the world of AI and ML in a safe and flexible way, register for the Advanced Certificate Program in AI and ML today!

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