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  • August 27, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the world for the better. AI and robotics have existed in fictional stories and movies for a very long time. They were shown both at good and bad lights. However, in the tech era, AI is unfolding its features to be a lifesaver.
Everyone seems to be suddenly interested in AI. It changes the face of products and services it involves. AI has worked as a push-up element in various sectors including business, marketing, agriculture, banking, etc. There is no industry that doesn’t have the touch of AI. Somehow, everyone is a beneficiary of emerging technology.
The recent trend in AI is quite different from how it worked so far. Scientists and researchers are finding ways to improve AI to a place where it can save human lives. Keep away all those soap operas and movies where you saw robots and AI enslaving humans. That is far beyond reality for now. Henceforth, AI applications are featured to make humans live safely.

Artificial Intelligence applications that could salvage life
Autonomous vehicles to Impede accidents
Vehicles are a part of a human’s journey. No one can imagine a world without vehicles. They were one of the beginnings of the evolution of technology and mechanism. Today, we have far advanced vehicles on the road. Still, technological growth couldn’t save human lives.
According to a report, in a year around 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world. In a day, 3,700 people are killed globally in road traffic crashes involving cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks or pedestrians. The most vulnerable are pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.
It is too late to sensitize people to minimize the use of vehicles or follow traffic instructions properly. The cat is out of the bag already. Therefore, to tackle the situation AI can be used. The introduction of autonomous vehicles is a revolution to the mechanical industry. The vehicles main concern is how people could share the road safely without hurting each other. Autonomous vehicles have computer vision attached with which it could detect and prevent accidents. But these vehicles are yet to bang the road.
AI applications are acting as accident preventers. An application named !important is designed to minimize the risk of accidents with all certified connected vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, autonomous vehicles and construction equipment. It can even feature drones. The app creates a virtual protection zone around pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and motorcyclists using their devices. If a connected vehicle goes near !important vehicle, the brakes are triggered automatically.

Health applications to detect medical conditions
At a time when the pandemic is infecting and killing millions of people, it is unsafe to have human-to-human contact. Even doctors and frontline workers are at high risk of contracting the disease despite PPE gears. Hospitals and medical institutions are searching for ways to minimize the human hand in the helping system eventually to provide good healthcare facilities through AI. and designed by Health Catalyst are some of the life-saving applications developed using AI. The applications with its machine learning technology can identify patients with great risk of readmission and provide clinicians guidelines to address their problems. The application has also helped prevent hospital-acquired infections and chronic diseases, and reduce mortality rates. A hospital in Israel is testing smart hospital rooms that could save patients lives as well as doctors and nurses. The technology keeps away patients from health workers with the use of AI-powered robots, virtual reality glasses and early warnings.
Doctors are wise enough to find the ailment when they check a patient. But AI applications detect diseases and emergencies during the ambulance dispatch. Corti, an application to understand the medical conditions of patients was inspired to create an AI-enabled system that can identify cardiac arrest.
The voice-based digital assistant attends the emergency calls and listens to the patient’s complaints to determine the medical condition. The application decreased cardiac arrest cases by 43% through its features. The company is currently working on making the application detect other ailments.

Collated data for drug production
Following the detection of health issue comes treatment. No disease can be cured without providing proper medical attention and drugs. If finding the disease is an improved AI task, so is coming up with relative drugs for the ailment. It is very important to be choosy and particular while prescribing a drug to a patient as it involves side effects that can lead to other health risks.
Okwin is designing pharmaceutical solutions through AI-powered medical research and development. The company uses a machine-learning algorithm to create models designed to predict disease evolution, improve treatment and enhance the way drugs are developed for the diseases. Okwin obtains data from hospital partners to find ways to help patients improve drugs more quickly with fewer side effects.

Image recognition software to track traffickers
Human life threats are not always health-related. According to a UN report from 2016, around 63,000 are victims of human trafficking across in a year. Human trafficking is a global issue. Countries and governments are trying their hand to keep human trafficking under control. But it is not an easy job as human traffickers are taking the work in shadow without anyone’s notice. Women and children are the most vulnerable to trafficking.
AI stands as a rescue operation for surging human traffic issues. Delta 8.7 is an organization that applies AI and computational science to track and stop human traffickers. The organization can use its AI technology to recognize the image to track both the criminals and victims.
Despite facing a pandemic and losing millions of lives, humans still believe that life is invaluable. Artificial Intelligence featured applications have found a solution to help prevent road accidents, provide healthcare and minimize human trafficking through its technology. AI is giving humans a chance to live a safe and happy life.

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