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5 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Targeted Advertising – Analytics Insight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing advertising, enabling marketers to communicate with their target audience more personally. With the latest in OpenAI GPT-3, AI is getting its due attention for writing emotive TV scripts, and targeting smart ads using facial recognition. In each of these scenarios, AI is helping advertising professionals with intelligence backed big data, offering much more granularity than the legacy systems.
While creative Artificial Intelligence makes for exciting headlines, some of the best AI technology work quietly in the background. Media planners leverage this exciting technology to aggregate a variety of data sets from different channels – both traditional and digital. Once internal data arising from product launches, promotions and external factors like seasons and trends become more widely available across all campaigns, disruptive AI technology is waiting to be leveraged to drive the following wonders in advertising-

1. Personalised Recommendations/Content Curation
By using Predictive Analytics, OTT platforms like Prime and Netflix can offer better recommendations to their users, allowing them to make informed choices from their subscriptions. This results in great customer satisfaction and increased value proposition.
Similarly, Under Armour, an American company manufacturing footwear, sports, and casual apparel uses IBM’s Watson to combine the data from its Record app with data from third parties to deliver more personalized training to their users.

2. Accurate Search Engine Algorithms
Google uses RankBrain AI system, to analyze search queries seamlessly. By using Machine Learning, the search engine algorithm teaches itself how to interpret queries based on a searcher’s intent rather than depending on a predefined program. This makes Google Search to deliver accurate and better results to its users.

3. Automated Writing Platform
Atomic Reach‘s content intelligence platform aids to create an intuitive platform for content marketers in order to create and publish great content for their “target audience”. The content intelligence platform combines a unique mix of machine learning and real-time writing guidance, to help healthcare networks, retail chains, digital publishing and media companies deliver the most compelling content.
Atomic Reach is designed to effectively analyse the user’s text and calculate its readability score for a predetermined audience, recommending improvements in the advertiser’s content so it reads compellingly to their target audience.

4. Targeted Social Semantics
While Facebook is particularly known as a social networking platform, the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) works hard to build one of the most innovative and highly intuitive AI platforms. This platform analyses overhead topography images and finds evidence of human life for enabling flying internet drones to beam wireless signals down to locations where people face glitches to access the Internet.

5. Budget and Spend Optimization
Many Artificial intelligence tools exist today that can optimize advertising spend and targeting. AI can process ad spends, look at advertising returns and then learn what actions in terms of spending changes, targeting changes, etc. will drive a better performance. It can do this at scale, too, across many complex campaigns.
Experience building and Travel company RedBalloon uses artificial intelligence from Albert to automatically optimize their paid advertising. Albert was able to identify multiple ways to optimize on its spend and advertisement targeting which dramatically raised its return, and significantly beat out human agencies.
In a crux, with AI and machine learning, marketers and advertisers have access to an information highway that could not be processed traditionally at a higher level. As the modern customer continues to pair insights from AI with their own expertise and human experience, the advertising industry will only become stronger and reach out to a more targeted audience.

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