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  • September 14, 2020
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As AI is evolving, many companies are deploying AI in cosmetic, gaming, and app to offer efficient services to their customers.
As the COVID 19 has outbreak has put the world in a standstill, the necessity for digital transformation has been realized all over the world. Not only, Artificial intelligence technologies are widely accepted, but a potential career in this sector has been realized lately. As the LinkedIn report listed Data Engineers and Data Scientists, amongst the emerging career options in the next few years, the prospect of identifying a company that would leverage the potential of this highly skilled humans, and would simultaneously help them to grow,  learn and unlearn things.
The big techs like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, does provide an opportunity for AI learners, data scientists, and data engineers. But in order to have a successful career in AI, one have to think beyond big techs. There are many companies that are welcoming the young and new talent for artificial intelligence in their products. These ranges from cosmetics, beauty to apps, and gaming.

Cosmetic Giant Sephora is utilizing AI technology with the help of Augmented Reality and RFID technology, With the help of AI technology, Sephora offers its customers to personalise the shopping experience. With its AR technology, the customers can try out foundation virtually, and sample a touch screen and scented air. Sephora’s Innovation Lab was launched in 2015, whose core technology is to track facial features accurately.

Perfect Corp
The father company of mobile beauty applications like YouCam and YouCam Perfect, Perfect Corp, is a blend of beauty and AI. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence(AI), augmented reality, and machine learning solutions, Perfect Corp engages the customers to provide a true-to-life Virtual try ons, hyper-realistic, and virtual trials for skin and hair.

Simple Ai
Simple Ai has topped the Forbes 30 under 30 list volume in April 2020. Founded in 2018, with four co-founders, the company aims in leveraging machine learning for making AI faster, by enabling the companies to create and manage the plethora of customized datasets required to build algorithms. The company’s AI model uses deep learning to learn and analyze the images and videos 10 times faster than that normal machine learning process. Its advanced auto labeling incorporates proprietary technologies with Bayesian Deep Learning and Uncertainity Estimation Framework, to speed up training pipeline by up to 9.7 times.

The Rocketbots is a Hongkong based company that leverages AI in chat automation platforms for customer engagement. Rocketbots native Dialogflow integration allows the user to connect to all the messaging apps in just one click, and features human-bot stand off. It is the first self-learning AI that helps the user to respond to and automate chats. With the help of its self-learning, smart replies are generated, thus accelerating the thread of conversation. It converses in more than 15 languages, and have more than 10,0000 companies that uses the platform.

Founded in 2005, UiPath is a Buchrest based company, that utilises RPA for building the first RPA software. Its RPA tool is designed to make businesses and enterprises for carrying out tasks efficiently and effectively. It is one of the fastest and robust RPA products and is three to four times faster than the ususal RPA processes. It is the world’s first platform to apply hyper-automation.

Discovery AI
Discovery AI is an Indian start-up that utilizes Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence, for improving the revenue, reducing the cost, and improving the productivity of its customers. With the help of its AI model, which is governed by conversational AI, the customers can easily improve the adoption of apps and reduce the service calls.

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