How Machine Learning is Set to Transform the Online Gaming Community – –

  • Lauren
  • September 14, 2020
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We often equate machine learning to fictional scenarios such as those presented in films including the Terminator franchise and 2001: A Space Odyssey. While these are all entertaining stories, the fact of the matter is that this type of artificial intelligence is not nearly as threatening. On the contrary, it has helped to dramatically enhance the overall user experience (UX) and to streamline many online functions (such as common search results) that we take for granted. Machine learning is also making its presence known within the digital gaming community. Without becoming overly technical, what transformations can we expect to witness and how will these impact the experience of the average gaming enthusiast?

Smarter, Faster and More Challenging

Although games such as Pong and Super Mario Bros. were entertaining for their time, they were also quite predictable. This is why so many users have uploaded speed runs onto websites such as YouTube. However, what if a game actually learned from your previous actions? It is obvious that the platform itself would be much more challenging. This concept is now becoming a reality.

Machine learning can also apply to numerous scenarios. It may be used to provide a greater sense of realism with interacting with a role-playing game. It could be employed to offer speech recognition and to recognise voice commands. Machine learning may also be implemented to create more realistic non-playable characters (NPCs).

Whether referring to fast-paced MMORPGs to traditional forms of entertainment including slot games offered by websites such, there is no doubt that machine learning will soon make its presence known.

The Personal Touch

We can clearly see that the technical benefits associated with machine learning will certainly be leveraged by game developers. However, it is just as important to mention that this very same technology will have a pronounced impact upon the players themselves. This is largely due to how games can be personalised based around the needs of the player.

We are not only referring to common options such as the ability to modify avatars and skins in this case. Instead, games are evolving to the point that they will base their recommendations off of the behaviours of the players themselves. For example, a plot may change as a result of how a player interacts with other characters. The difficulty of a specific level may be automatically adjusted in accordance with the skill of the player. As machine learning and AI both have the ability to model extremely complex systems, the sheer attention to graphical detail within the games (such as character features and backgrounds) will also become vastly enhanced.

We can see that the future of gaming looks extremely bright thanks to the presence of machine learning. While such systems might appear to have little impact upon traditional platforms such as solitaire, there is no doubt that they will still be felt across numerous other genres. So, get ready for a truly amazing experience in the months and years to come!