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ADP® DataCloud Wins 2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Breakthrough Award – PRNewswire

The mission of the AI Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of AI and machine learning related categories, including AI platforms, Deep Learning, Smart Robotics, Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, industry-specific AI applications, and more. This year’s competitive program attracted more than 2,750 nominations from over 15 different countries.
“In a constantly shifting world of work, businesses now more than ever are looking for a solution that helps them make informed decisions about their organization,” said James Johnson, managing director, AI Breakthrough. “The solutions we recognized are grounded in quality, actionable data and insights, and ADP DataCloud truly harnesses the power of AI to empower businesses with the quick, accurate insights they need.”
“Historically, businesses have struggled to identify and understand trends within their people data – trends that when actioned against can make a significant impact,” said Jack Berkowitz, senior vice president of product development at ADP. “ADP DataCloud addresses this challenge head-on by embedding insights directly within the flow of work. Having this deeper view is critical as businesses begin returning to the workplace. From insight into a remote workforce and employee sentiment, to correlations between case counts and office locations, we’re committed to providing businesses with the data-driven insights they need to make confident, impactful decisions.”
Using AI, ADP DataCloud analyzes aggregated, anonymized and timely HR and compensation data from over 30 million workers in more than 730,000 organizations across the country, allowing companies to benchmark and compare compensation data, turnover rate and overtime.  By leveraging the breadth and depth of real data, the solution delivers actionable insights to the people who can act on them. To help navigate the new world of work, the solution offers capabilities including real-time insights pushed directly to leaders through the ADP Mobile Solutions app; story-driven recommendations on workforce trends; and Data Mashups that allow companies to pull financial and sales data directly into their HCM systems to reveal relationships.
Find more information on the 2020 AI Breakthrough Awards here. To learn more about ADP DataCloud’s capabilities, visit here.
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