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Cerner Health Conference 2020: AI/ML preview –

This year’s Cerner Health Conference will host health care leaders from around the globe – to discuss innovation, provide education and networking opportunities – in a virtual setting. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be key areas of focus during CHC20 as we explore how these technologies can help solve new challenges, improve clinician satisfaction and increase quality patient outcomes.
Sessions on AI/ML
Throughout the two-day event health IT leaders will share their expertise on using machines to optimize data and make care delivery more efficient. These are some of the presentations around AI and ML to keep on your radar.

Cerner cognitive solutions
The conference will also showcase demonstrations for two Cerner tools:

Virtual Scribe: In collaboration with AWS, the Virtual Scribe with Cerner. AI is being developed to help reduce the amount of time clinicians spend in data entry. Virtual Scribe offers an unobtrusive way to passively listen to the patient and clinician discussion and then suggests real-time actions. It aims to reduce the cognitive switching between patient and computer and helps to address physician burnout.

Voice Assist: Think of this solution as Siri or Alexa for PowerChart, allowing clinicians to leverage voice commands to query or act within the electronic health record. This is especially valuable as providers can care for patients more seamlessly without having to interact with a keyboard and mouse to get the information they need.

During the walk throughs, you’ll gain insights into how Cerner embeds AI and natural language processing into its solutions, learn about recent updates to Virtual Scribe and Voice Assist and see how clinicians may use these solutions to reduce the cognitive load of the care team.
AI/ML thought leadership
To dig into more perspectives on AI/ML before CHC, check out these blogs and podcasts featuring industry influencers.
The impact of COVID-19 on AI and ML
In this episode, health care thought leader John Glaser leads a conversation with Tanuj Gupta, MD, vice president and physician executive, Cerner Intelligence, on the impact that COVID-19 is having on AI and ML in health care and the outlook for these technologies.
AI myths – Gender and racial bias in ML algorithms
Dr. Gupta and Rebecca Winokur, MD, Cerner physician executive, jointly tackle gender and racial bias in ML algorithms and how the industry can overcome the issue.
Myths in AI – Will clinicians be replaced in health care decision-making?
In this Q&A, Dr. Gupta discusses the possibility of AI and ML replacing human clinicians, and why these technologies have the potential to help doctors improve care delivery and patient outcomes.
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