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Microsoft planning a new ML/AI based approach for testing its update features – TechnoSports

Windows is the dominating OS of home and office desktop. With Windows 10 being Microsofts preferred OS as of now, the Redmond-based giant is pushing its updates for the latest OS build to improve the user experience of its platform.
But there is one problem with every major update of Windows 10 since its initial release. The problem is that Windows 10 updates are as buggy as they come with every build introducing a new type of problem never faced before.
Though Microsoft is determined to fix these bugs with every other release, it just is a messy process to encounter and report bugs in the first place. Even the company itself thinks that its method to track and fix bugs is becoming a problem and is slowing being ineffective.
So, Microsoft is now developing a new AI/ML strategy that could reduce disruption for fixing updates.

The tech giant earlier relied on a wide group of testers to test Windows 10 feature updates on their real hardware.
But now, it seems, that the tech giant is shifting to testing based on machine learning.
According to sources, the Windows creator is now considering a new AI/ML model to test its popular windows drivers on hardware, software, and other driver combinations.
The new machine learning approach will allow Microsoft to identify problems with its drivers before rolling out updates. The company aims to add more hardware combinations to its machine learning and artificial intelligence-based test matrix.
Microsoft is already using its new machine learning approach to determine the release quality of its updates. But the company is now planning to add more hardware, driver, software combinations.
Based on the results from its ML/AI model along with increased hardware combinations, the company aims at solving potential problems with Windows 10 drivers before the updates hit our system and bug them.
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