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Can artificial intelligence photoshop emotion? – GovTech

Adobe released some new features to its Photoshop image editing software yesterday for Creative Cloud subscribers, and there’s definitely a strange one in there. New Atlas reports that there is a new, AI-powered tool that lets you edit a subject’s emotions.
The feature, called Smart Portrait, runs on Adobe’s Sensei artificial intelligence algorithms. With this particular tool, you can use sliders to edit a person’s face to add or take away the appearance of emotions including anger, happiness and surprise. You can also edit other features like age, angle of head, direction of gaze and lighting, and hair thickness.
It’s easy to see how this feature could be overused to pretty drastically change a person’s appearance, but when applied lightly it could be useful for subtle improvements. It’s still only in beta mode, so there will likely be plenty of changes to it down the road as the Sensei AI develops.

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