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Some platforms using AI, ML to help students make informed decisions about studying abroad

NEW DELHI: As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grapple the world, things are in the process of coming back to the normal track. Amid the hassle to go back to normal, several universities are preferring the digital way. Also, technology is playing a very crucial role in information gathering and filtering about universities across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are leveraged to help the students and aspirants make informed decisions in their quest to study abroad and prepare themselves for careers of tomorrow.

Since the pandemic has hit the world, it’s crucial for the students to know if the universities are operating Online or a hybrid mode. Hence, there are platforms, which are helping the students in making those decisions with the help of AI and ML.

Here are some platforms using AI and ML to help students make informed decisions about studying abroad:


Created by a highly experienced team at IEC Abroad, Edvoy is a free digital-driven AI – platform providing impartial advice, application support and content for prospective International students across South Asia. Founded by Sadik Basha, Edvoy has a multilingual team of over 100 highly qualified education consultants and has so far placed 20,000 international students worldwide. Edvoy uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to simplify the application process by allowing students to apply to multiple universities in one place. Realising the academic ambitions of each student, Edvoy provides them with honest and tailored advice which helps them in saving much time in deciding a suitable Institution for them. Real-life and artificial advisors will help students to research course and scholarship options, apply and study in the destination country. Edvoy makes it a seamless process for the students with the help of an integrated process.

Study Group

Study Group is a provider of international education, driving success for their students and partners. They foster ambitious students from multiple academic backgrounds and prepare them for success at their chosen university through their on-campus international study centres. Study Group uses AI to automate many administrative activities during the admission process, including visa processes, student accommodation and course registration, providing a unique experience for students. According to a student’s desired course, Study Group provides them with a list of multiple universities with best scholarship packages. Study Group uses AI to streamline the admission process and make accurate forecasts about essential matters like student enrollment. It also helps the Institutions they work with to connect with International students in over 140 countries.


It is a large scholarship network which makes quality education accessible for all. They provide easy access to scholarships and simplify scholarship accessibility for students and disbursement process for providers. Buddy4Study uses AI to match scholarships and grants with deserving students and offers alerts to their 2+ million users. They also help corporations, NGOs, government agencies, public sector undertakings and individuals to design, launch, manage and track their scholarship program. Additionally, the company has partnered with universities abroad to provide scholarship opportunities. The students can go through the entire admission process in a hassle-free manner from the comfort of their homes.

Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu is an ed-tech company. This platform is empowering students across India to choose the best-matched career and higher education options with one-touch access to personalised mentors and leading global universities. Leverage Edu’s AI tool that helps students match to best-fit universities is free to use and has so far helped hundreds of thousands of students get matched to their best-fit school based on their academics and other professional qualifications and interest area. It gives access to the students to decide what programs or colleges they are best suited for and provides them with 1:1 virtual mentorship. Post successful admits, they also help leverage students with exclusive scholarships, industry based educational loans, helps in accommodation and more.