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Ways to Reshape Email Marketing Leveraging Machine Learning – Analytics Insight

Although the world of digital marketing has seen the surge of several marketing channels, email marketing remains a powerful marketing tool for small and mid-size businesses for its cost-effective methodology and direct approach.
A report by eMarketer reveals that over 80% of marketers consider email as the most effective way to obtain prospective customers without losing existing ones. However, the success of an email campaign depends directly on the chosen approach. The key is to craft content that people will respond to or want them in their inbox.
That is why marketers have been thriving to personalise their emails. Doing that will help them to interact with each consumer separately. It is not a new concept to seasoned retailers who have been already using marketing automation platforms to leverage segmentation or individuals or build customer journeys.
With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), email learning has become more effortless and seamless. Complex tasks such as email verification, targeting, scheduling, and statistics have turned more straightforward.
Even though AI and ML are comparatively new technologies, its impact on email campaigns is noticeable. Below are some practical ways to reshape the future of email marketing by leveraging AI and ML.

Predictive Personalisation
Machine learning (ML) helps you to analyse customer behaviour and examine their interests to produce data-driven insights into your customer’s preferences. It allows you to send tailored emails to each customer.
ML can help you send relevant and engaging content to your subscribers with personalised emails having higher open rates and CTRs. From monitoring a customer’s browsing history to analyse their on-site activity, ML does it all feasibly while providing a real-time and hyper-personalised recommendation for each user.

Smart Segmentation
ML can segment your customer base smartly. From precise details about your subscriber base to their particular behavioural signals, ML can do everything. This helps you in segmenting your customer base into clear and relevant groups, and it makes your email campaign top-notch.
Email list segmentation enables you to have increased open click rates, conversations, and CTRs and also enhance customer engagement. ML also helps in accelerating this process by making it easy to detect hidden details, behaviour and purchase patterns of your customers accurately and effectively, saving both your time and resources.

Optimise Subject Line and Email Body
ML can make your email body, subject line and CTAs (call-to-action) more appealing by analysing the history of your email campaign and adopting natural language processing (NLP). Body copy needs to be bold and robust to persuade the targeted customer to open your emails—similarly, a clearly defined CTA and enticing email body to drive specific actions.
HTML email developers can also apply ML and its algorithms to create content. Algorithms analyse keywords, trending topics, schematics, and conversations to make the content the most engaging.

Customises Email Promotions
ML can be used to offer special promotions to your customers through custom email templates. It wouldn’t only allure the subscribers to stay stick on your list but also increase your sales.
For example, if one customer takes an action on a discount of 10%, your potential revenue will go down by offering them a 40% discount on the same product. In short, if a customer doesn’t settle for less, you need to offer the customer higher discount to increase your sale.

Send Time Optimisation
Every customer’s behaviour is different and so is their preferred time to go through emails. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know when a subscriber will open an email. ML can help you with this by using predictive analysis. It sends automated emails to the subscribers based on their past email interactions and behaviour.

Analyzes Analytics
Besides helping you optimise your email campaigns, ML makes use of the generated data for wider analysis. It first observes a customer’s behavioural pattern and then speculates the potential churn. It also works to add value upgrading through cross-selling and upselling while working on referrals and pertaining existing subscribers.

Email marketing campaigns are always complicated and time-consuming. It requires manual adjustments and examination of massive customers’ data. However, with the advent of AI and ML, complex marketing tasks have become more straightforward. It helps you to achieve outcomes that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming without AI and its widely used application ML.
Leveraging AI and ML in your email marketing strategy will not just save time and resources but also help you to create your email campaigns more effective and relevant than ever before.

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