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If you know machine learning is important, but you’re not sure how, this training is for you – The Next Web

TLDR: The Machine Learning for Beginners Bootcamp Bundle covers the concepts and application of thinking machines from the ground up over three courses.
This week in “The Future is Thinking Machines,” Whole Foods stores started selling a plant-based milk created almost entirely by artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, machines are also analyzing social media posts to track how COVID is impacting mental health. And Blizzard Entertainment has trained computers how to cannily remove toxic players from the chat in their uber-popular Overwatch online multiplayer game.

All those stories dropped this month, proving that machine learning is everywhere, impacting every industry, and making its digital presence felt in every corner of our lives.
Even if you aren’t trying to break into a job programming machines how to think and react on their own, understanding this amazingly explosive new tech area is important — because it’s probably already impacting you. The Machine Learning for Beginners Bootcamp Bundle ($19.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) is your perfect overview.
Under the guidance of instructor and technology expert Idan Gabrieli, this first-timer friendly three-course collection will help students understand everything they need to know about machine learning and its growing footprint in our modern world.
In Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 1, Gabrieli introduces you to artificial intelligence and thinking machines without requiring you to know loads of math or programming. From concepts and definitions, absolute beginners will even start examining a model for deep teaching a machine — and start doing it themselves.
By Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 2, the training expands to include Python and the Pandas data science library, two huge building blocks in creating thinking machines.
Finally, Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 3 aims even higher, examining some data science and visualization practices newbies wouldn’t have even thought possible at the beginning. Students will use the popular Matplotlib and Seaborn data science library to create various charts and methods for displaying data that’s at the heart of how computers read and interpret the findings.
Perfect for aspiring product managers and engineers, this deep dive into machine learning is usually a $600 training collection. Right now, it’s significantly less, just $19.99 while this offer lasts.