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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Your Service

Guest Review: Management from all sectors and across numerous companies are investigating the potential of conversational bots. These bots are the new frontier to help automate and streamline activities, improve enterprise productivity, and boost employee and customer engagement.

Initial versions of these bots were simple one-dimensional response platforms. Today, the new AI-powered bots are much more powerful and will become more sophisticated and capable, with time.  

Accenture Digital conducted a recent study, that indicated 57% of businesses agreed that conversational chatbots could deliver massive ROI for minimal effort.

WayMore, a leading marketing and operations automation software business is optimizing its client’s performance with three innovative chatbot products. 

  • Predefined Chatbot: Predefined Chatbot is the fastest and easiest way to power up a customer’s experience quickly. It can generate limitless responses to any questions a client’s audience may have. 
  • Chatbot AI:  Chatbot AI provides the ultimate customer experience, the machine learning algorithm remembers conversations with users based on their recorded traits and preferences. Chatbot AI self-improves over time, based on what a customer is asking for, and how they are asking it. It can efficiently handle any customer enquiry.
  • Unified Chat Board: WayMore’s Unified Chat Board is an intuitive workspace with live-agent functionality that brings together all of a customer’s chatbot deployments and p2p conversations from any communication channel. Clients can interact with their customers and provide them with a unified chatting experience.

When WayMore’s Digital Communications Manager, Nastassja Robberts was asked, why Chatbots? She simply said that “chatbots work for you all day, delivering qualified leads and speeding up customer resolutions. WayMore generates limitless responses to any questions your audience may have. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Input the questions and answers and let the communication begin!”

WayMore’s solutions focus on three key groups:

  •  Business owners that wish to optimize communications with customers and audiences irrespective of size and industry; 
  •  Marketing teams, agencies and internal teams that want to deliver innovative, automated solutions to their clients that enhance, save on cost and improve productivity; and
  • For developers it steps up the functionality of their products in deploying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) methodologies to projects.

WayMore has seen some great success with clients across several sectors such as Telecommunications, Retail, Banking and Finance and Hospitality along with a growing prestigious client list which includes Uber, Microsoft, Skype and WeChat to name a few. 

WayMore’s Head of Marketing, Makis Panagopoulos says, “Our focus is on meeting customer objectives and exceeding their expectations. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, representing small businesses from a wide range of sectors to some of the world’s leading organizations”. 

What is ideal about WayMore’s Chatbot solutions is that it will apply across all industries and business functions, from retail, banking and finance, through to airlines, telecommunications, and hospitality.  

As an operational device, the WayMore Chatbot solutions are ideal for customer service, sales and marketing teams, and can streamline internal company communications processes.

WayMore Chatbot solutions are powerful, sophisticated and intelligent business solutions. 

For more information on WayMore Chatbot, click here.

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