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AI/ML Technology Solutions Kit does Visual Recognition

“Machine learning is generally not taught until master’s degree programs, and we want to change that.”

November 25, 2020

AI/ML Technology Solutions (AMTS), Austin-based startup, launches a Kickstarter campaign this week to debut its first product, a hands-on development kit. The kit provides fundamentals for learning to program with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.
The AI/ML kit incorporates familiar components, such as a Raspberry Pi miniature computer and a webcam, with pre-integrated code for running ML programs, known as models. While using ML has traditionally required programmers to set up many of their own configurations, this kit bundles everything needed to get started in one package.
“Our goal is really to give everyone from high-school students to working professionals the tools to learn and build with this rapidly developing technology,” said Alex Seguin, AMTS CEO and co-founder. “Machine learning is generally not taught until master’s degree programs, and we want to change that by making it available as early as high school.”
Campaign backers can choose from several rewards, based on contribution amount, that range from a t-shirt or a working starter kit to securing a special school visit by Seguin to demonstrate the technology to students.
Seguin said in addition to helping fund further development and potential expansion into custom industrial applications, the AMTS team hopes the Kickstarter campaign will help bring accessibility to AI/ML technologies.
“There’s significant potential for growth in the AI/ML field, and we aim to create a hub for new developers,” Seguin said. “We’re actually aiming to provide future internships to some of the students who take our kit and really learn AI/ML fundamentals.”
Seguin started AMTS parent company De-Risking Strategies after being laid off last July. He said a big motivator for him is creating more opportunities for highly motivated people to succeed and grow their careers.
“After years in the corporate world, I was ready for a change,” Seguin said. “Sometimes the best way to reach your goals is to start something new.”
The Kickstarter campaign launches this week. People interested in following the project can opt to be notified at launch on the Kickstarter project page:
AI/ML Technology Solutions is a project of industrial technology development company De-Risking Strategies focusing on education and innovation in STEM- and AI-related fields. More information about the company and its latest Kickstarter project can be found on its website:

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