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Machine Learning and AI – What Does The Future Hold? – Analytics Insight

December 10, 2020

In data, companies trust. By 2021, one in four forward-thinking enterprises will push AI to new frontiers, such as holographic meetings for remote work and on-demand personalised manufacturing, as per new predictions by Forrester Research. Even today, all of us are subconsciously using Machine Learning in our daily lives. Wish to travel? Maps: AI-powered. Wish to stay home and yet be social? Facebook, Snapchat: ML-AI powered.A nascent domain that’s roughly 60 years old, has changed the way humans and machines perform, that’s for sure.

How does this impact the jobs of the future?
AI will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020. By 2020, Artificial Intelligence to create more jobs than it eliminates, says Gartner. Today’s tech-ready industries already use AI for automated jobs that are highly repeatable, where large quantities of observations and decisions can be analysed for patterns.
To stay relevant and secure an irreplaceable position in your industry, it is important to upskill and be in the know of the latest trends and technologies. The first step in doing so, would be to pursue online programs that allow you to work while you learn. It is extremely crucial to keep in mind that only listening to professors half-mindedly while bingeing in a parallel tab will not cut it. The program that you choose to pursue needs to be as rigorous and engaging as any offline university that you go to. upGrad, India’s largest online higher education company, has collaborated with top national and global universities like IIIT Bangalore, IIT Madras, and Liverpool John Moores University to deliver online Machine Learning programs to working professionals. These programs are 100% online and cover industry-relevant case studies and projects, allowing learners to get practical knowledge along with theoretical comprehension, thanks to  best-in-class content and live lectures from industry leaders. Based on your interest, you can choose a format of your choice, be it a PG Diploma, an Advanced Certification, or a Master’s degree. With one-on-one mentorship from industry leaders and personalised assistance from dedicated student mentors, upGrad ensures that every learner hits the ground running, as soon as they graduate.

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Though the global pandemic is affecting millions of jobs worldwide, according to Indeed, a leading job portal, the demand for AI jobs in India has been on the upswing for five years, and has particularly increased in the past six months. Python, a programming language and Natural Language Processing (NLP), essential to making Artificial Intelligence effective as it is the study of computer and human language interaction – are the most high demand skills within AI jobs.*With a rise in demand, the competition rises as well. Stay ahead in your career, online programs from top universities are a few clicks away (thanks to Machine Learning and AI!).
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