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How Behavioural Biometrics and Machine Learning are Improving Customer Relations – Analytics Insight

Behavioural biometrics is a breakthrough technology that brings trouble-free authentication for helping consumers worldwide with a revolutionary experience. In this era of digitisation and 24/7 connectivity, the demand for identity authentication has increased manifold as consumers interact on handheld devices.
Consumers seek reliable and personalised ways of navigating through their daily lives effortlessly. This is where the trending behavioural biometrics authentication comes in. This technology has been used by banks for many years for providing guaranteed authentication to clients for their online transactions. It is now being used across various industries by combining it with machine learning for creating multi-dimensional profiles of customers for improving customer relations.

How Behavioural Biometrics And Machine Learning Work?
The behavioural biometrics authentication, along with geo-location tools as well as machine learning, has become the new go-to technologies for authenticating consumers. The behavioural biometrics uses the silent authentication analyses which involve the examination of the behaviour patterns like how they hold their smart devices, how they walk and hold their smartphone, how they swipe their tablet, etc. for safely authenticating each consumer.
By making the use of signals and sensors that surround every day, data is collected that includes different behaviours. These signals, sensors, and networks include Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, etc. the collected data can be compared in real-time with consumer behaviour patterns and hence allows secure authentication of each consumer while providing the ultimate user experience.
Although artificial intelligence is akin to breathing, the need for improved data security cannot be denied. Silent authentication or behavioural biometrics is a great way for not only making secure transactions with clients but also improving customer relations. Here’s a look at how different industries are putting it to use.

E-commerce is the sector that is benefitting the most from the silent authentication using behavioural biometrics and machine learning for improving the user experience and fostering long-term customer relations. This authentication method can identify consumers in real-time, which helps retailers in catering to changing needs. It is most suitable for delivery by autonomous machines like robots and drones where the consumer receives their ordered items fast and right at their location without any fuss.
The same application can be seen in the ease of registration when signing up or making a purchase. Not only does it apply to those seeking new technological gadgets for everyday life, but also for those researching online slots not registered with Gamstop. The aim is the same, to register on an offshore casino, or to acquire a desired product. Consumers today look for sites that offer excellent delivery services and the right blend of the behavioural biometrics and machine learning is the way to meet their demands.

Another sector, which can benefit the most from this amalgam of machine learning and silent authentication, is government. As it has many administrative procedures like filing taxes via smart devices, this authentication method brings in breakthrough security to government institutions in both digital and physical senses. Defence departments of various countries are promoting smart device identification projects that will redefine the verification process of individuals. Using AI algorithms like risk score coupled with the smart device hardware, factors like the pressure of the hand, wrist tensions, etc. can be used for the verification of users.
The behavioural biometrics enable for continuous identification and verification while a device is in use as the unique profiles of every customer get created. The machines learn the behaviours over time and become more precise and secure as it starts understanding the user behaviour of each client in a better way.
Silent authentication and AI intelligence are the future of the retail world and much more as they have the potential to revolutionise the consumer experience while enhancing customer relations. Moreover, the technology will be incorporated in most of the commercial smart devices within two years, which makes the path even easier.

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