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  • December 16, 2020
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This has been a year of rediscovering our limits – or rather, the lack of them. The pandemic, while confining us to our homes has also opened up new possibilities, accelerating digital infrastructure and accommodating the demands of this changing economy. Much of these developments have been possible because of technologies like AIML, data science and cloud. As companies increasingly harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the demand for skilled professionals is rising steadily. From cutting operational costs, streamlining processes to optimising price and improving the supply chain, data has made AI versatile and more efficient.

According to the report from Gartner, AI-related job creation will reach two million net-new jobs in 2025. However, there aren’t that many professionals with the skillset to match this requirement. To bridge this gap, there is an increasing need for professionals to upskill in these domains. Here are the avenues being specialised in AI can open for you going forward:

1. As an AI/ML Prototyping Engineer: You will be the principal Subject Matter Expert (SME) for helping customers design solutions that leverage the company’s ML services. As part of the team, you will work closely with customers in one or more industry verticals to enable large-scale use cases, design ML pipelines, and drive the adoption of AWS for the AI/ML platforms.

2. AI Applications Product Support Engineer: You will be responsible for independently managing all customer communication channels, case management and customer communication. You will also require to coordinate between the customer, SaaS/internal teams, engineering, DevOps, ITOps teams, educate customers and support best practices. You will be required to understand the software requirements of the Client systems and know-how to determine and verify customer configurations.

3. Senior Cloud AI Platform Engineer: As an AI Platform engineer, you will work with a group of hardworking software engineers from diverse backgrounds like gaming, deep learning, applications, system development and hardware design distributed across the world. You will be responsible for deploying the latest deep learning technologies to bring real-time AI to gamers, streamers, and creators, working with industry leaders to deploy the latest Deep Learning features to the largest clouds. As a Senior Cloud AI Platform Engineer, you will also work with leading cloud providers and companies looking to deploy state-of-the-art AI features into their cloud running hardware and software.

4. Artificial Intelligence Engineer: In this role, you will research, invent, design and build novel AI solutions and train ML models to address the biggest opportunities in healthcare. You will be responsible for using data from disparate data sources and formats in order to support solution features. As a Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you will provide technical vision and leadership to the team and produce high-quality solutions that are robust, reliable and scalable.

For professionals seeking to upskill,
Great Learning, one of India’s leading professional learning providers, is offering a number of courses that can make you experts in domains like AIML, Data Science and more. It has devised highly immersive courses, and its industry-relevant curriculum has helped learners successfully transition to new domains and make the best use of the disruptive market today.

The platform’s PGP – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
– course has been designed in collaboration with The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes Executive Learning, India. The learning experience is delivered in a project-based format with mentorship from industry experts to make learners job-ready. This course covers the latest tools and technologies of the AIML domain to make students ready for real-world applications. It has become a favourite with AIML enthusiasts and here’s why more professionals today are opting for it:

1. Ranked #1 in India*: The program has been ranked as the #1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course in India because of its comprehensive curriculum, leading faculty, industry exposure, program experience and more. (*AIM, 2019)

2. International Recognition
: This program offers a dual certificate from The University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes Executive Learning. The dual certification provides learners with an edge over the rest of the competition.

3. World-Class Faculty: The program faculty has been among the top-ranked in India and abroad. They are also the alumni of esteemed international institutions like Stanford, Pennsylvania State University, Indian Statistical Institute and more. The mentorship program benefits the learners with not just personalised guidance but also industry-specific requirements. Learners also get exposure through online webinars, discussions, hackathons, and assignments for hands-on learning.
4. Dedicated Career Support: Great Learning offers dedicated career development assistance. More than 400 companies share their job opportunities with Great Learning and 2/3rd of their learners have already made a career transition within the first 6 months of course completion, with a 48% average salary hike.
Once professionals have upskilled themselves to meet the demands of the market, it is very important that they articulate their expertise efficiently to the hiring companies.
Great Learning
focuses on driving future-ready courses that prepare professionals for the real-world scenario. They have already enabled 25,000+ professionals till now and have emerged as one of the most dependable brands for career success. So, enroll for their courses today to stay ahead of the curve!
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Disclaimer: This article has been written on behalf of Great Learning by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.