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These ML-powered startups are the top 30 shortlisted in the ML Elevate program

Early-stage startups on the lookout for a combination of tools, resources and insights necessary to build,grow and scale their startup to new heights formed the majority of applicants to the programme. These startups went through a rigorous evaluation process under ML Camp, the first phase of the programme.  Through a series of workshops and keynote sessions by industry leaders across sectors and AWS experts, participants got an overview of the aspects that govern the growth of a machine learning startup.

Startups further shortlisted from the ML Camp phase were then taken through ML  Sprint, which is a series of masterclasses by industry leaders on topics that are key to the growth of an ML startup. These included: finding the product-market fit, building a culture of innovation which is conducive to growth, ways to ensure optimal hiring, approaches to building and scaling AI capabilities and strategies to improve prospects of funding, among others. 

On the basis of their performance, 30 of them have been shortlisted to participate in the next phases of the programme. Here, they get to participate in ask-me-anything sessions with mentors and leading industry experts from key industry verticals. These participants will also get access to resources such as credits and offers by AWS, Intel and other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to power their growth.

The winners from these 30 startups will be finalised in the second week of January and will be announced at the Amazon AI Conclave 2021.

The Amazon AI Conclave is one of the largest and most prestigious AI-centric conclaves around the world. It draws global industry leaders and experts to share their insights on the latest developments powering the business growth of today. With more than 15 different tracks covering the salient aspects of AI and ML, attendees of the AI Conclave can hear from thought leaders and learn about proven best practices to apply AI for their organisations, develop the right skills to create new insights, enable new efficiencies, and make more accurate predictions. Given the size of the conclave and the varied professionals it attracts, it also provides attendees an opportunity to network with industry peers and foster new and meaningful collaborations.

Here is a list of the top 30 participating startups for the ML Elevate programme:

1. AuthBase

Founded by Umesh Thota and Satyam Chugh in 2015, Authbase is a Hyderabad-based startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify and mitigate threats and attacks across networks.


Founded by Niki Khokale and Rajas Lonkar in 2019 in Mumbai, Fountain9’s AI-powered algorithmic planning solution aims to avoid the loss of sales from stockouts and inventory pileups.

3.Qualitas Technologies

Founded by Shivendra Jadon and Raghava Kashyapa in 2019, Qualitas is a Bengaluru-based startup that provides Machine Vision solutions to automate industrial processes like quality control and inspection.

4.Intain AI 

Founded by Atharva Sabnis, Rahul Chandra and Siddhartha S, the Chennai-based startup uses AI to extract business data from enterprise documents to manage risks, unlock value and reduce costs.


Founded by Anshuman Pandey and  Rohan Pooniwala, NimbleBox is a Chennai-based startup that aims to build and provide a complete toolkit for developers focused on Artificial Intelligence.


Founded by Gaurav Shrivastava and Prahlad Routh in 2016, the Mumbai-based text analytics and linguistics firm has looking to drive value by developing cognitive document understanding capabilities.


Flowmagic is a Bengaluru-based startup founded by Parag Sharma and Himanshu Saraf which democratises AI for every business user across verticals with the ease of an interactive visual user interface.


Intentico is a Bengaluru-based startup founded in March 2020 by Krishna Kumar Coimbatore, Satish Medapati, Aravind Kumar and  Shivaraj Patil. It is a cognitive customer experience (CX) platform that automates your customer interactions through AI Speechbots and Chatbots.

9.Onward Assist 

The Hyderabad-based startup was founded in 2016 by Dinesh Koka and Vikas Ramachandra to solve the problem of accurate and timely cancer diagnosis based on biopsy slides.

10.Akira AI

Founded by Jagreet Kaur and Navdeep Singh Gill in 2017, the Chandigarh-based startup has been developing an AI Model lifecycle Management and Governance Platform with explainability and Fairness

11.Scogo Networks 

Founded by Nitin Dhawal,Alpesh Aggrawal and Karan Singh in 2019, Scogo Networks is a Mumbai-based conversational B2B service delivery platform, providing on-demand, anytime services.

Founded by Amar Kumar Dani, Ajay Kumar Dani and Vinay Phadnis in 2020, the Bangalore-based startup is an AI-driven, Voice Based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform for doctors in India.


Vinayaka Jyothi, Sahana MS and Vivek Jyothi founded this Sandur-based startup in 2019 to developed next-generation products for rural India and the world.


FireLinks is a Bangalore-based startup founded by Veeresh Devireddy and Saraf Talukar in 2020 to offer AI-based URL shortener and analytic services to help businesses track customers and increase sales.


SynctacticAI is a Bangalore-based predictive data science platform founded in 2019 by Chethan K R and Ashish Koushik that helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insights. 

Formerly IntelliTicks, is a Gurugram-based startup founded by Himanshu Gupta and Hridayesh Gupta in 2020. It is a plug-and-play conversational commerce platform for online stores that can automate 70 percent of customer interactions.

17.Sciffer Analytics

Founded by Karan Kabra and Chandni Priya in 2015, the Pune-based startup is a video collaboration platform with Computer Vision & Audio Analytics for tagging content.


IQLECT is a Real Time Big Data Analytics Platform founded in 2015 by Sachin Sinha and Macharayya (in Bangalore which features a converged NoSQL database and analytic platform to handle the rise of real-time data.

Founded by Dr. Rashi Gupta in 2017, the Noida-based startup works with conversational AI that automates conversations across email, chat, voice and social media.


Adiuvo was founded in 2017 by Geethanjali Radhakrishnan. The Chennai-based startup specializes in Rapid, labelfree, disease diagnostics that seeks to improve the quality of healthcare.


Founded by Ganga Kumar and Shantanu Shah in 2015, Bewgle is a Bengaluru-based startup that uses AI to derive deep insights from UGC for product innovation, and CX improvements for brands. is an AI platform founded by Vishwa Nath Jha, Sangram Sabat, Sameer Sinha and Piyush Dangaich in 2017 that automates enterprise communications in 25+ languages through Conversational AI on Digital and IVR.


BuildPan is an Indore-based CI/CD Platform for mobile app development founded by Vaibhav Tiwari, Anthony Wentzel- CTO and Sonal Khandelwal in 2019.


Founded in 2018 by Natasha Jethanandani, Sucharita Mukherjee, Puneet Gupta,Raja N, and Vipul Sekhsaria, the Chennai-based Fintech company provides tailored financial solutions mainly to the informal customer segment. 


Bangalore-based Recotap was founded in 2017 by Ganesh Chithambalam and Arun Gopalaswami, It automates execution of hyper personalized account-focussed digital campaigns for B2B CMOs.

26.Digilytics AI

Founded in 2014 by Arindom Basu, Digilytics AI aims to revolutionise mortgage origination by leveraging artificial intelligence.


Founded in 2015 by Vivek Tiwari and Ketan Malkan, Medikabazaar is a Mumbai-based startup that is one of India’s largest online B2B platforms for medical supplies.

28.AppiVa Software

Founded in 2016 by Ranjan Kumar Baisak and John Ebenezor, AppiVa is the developer of, a smart sales automation platform.


Delhi-based Devnagri is an AI-powered human translation platform founded in 2018 by Himanshu Sharma and Nakul Kundra to help businesses reach the next billion users.


inVOID is a Delhi-based startup founded in 2018 by Kunwar Raj Sethi and Sarthak Goel that is developing solutions which enable companies to create compliant identity verification workflows customised according to their needs.