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  • January 9, 2021
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Machine learning has no doubt made a massive change in every spectrum we can imagine. Automation has been made a necessity in order to be technologically updated and also be at par as a tech business.
The benefits of automated operations are: higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs; learning analytics that build statistical models of student knowledge to provide computerised and personalised feedback on learning the students’ progress and their instructors; scheduling algorithms that search for an optimal and adapted teaching policy that helps students learn more efficiently, and so on.
Rise of online learning amid Covid-19 pandemic:

Now that being said, if we have to talk about one such industry, the education space has bagged this tech upgrade in a thought provoking method. From choosing the course of your choice to earning a full-fledged degree, online education has come a long way.
2020 has been the year for the online education space. It wouldn’t be wrong if we called it a revolution. Thanks to the pandemic, every educational organisation has taken the online teaching route. Being in the education space you need to make your students get a classroom experience as much as possible.
This is where machine learning algorithms like speech recognition, image recognition and text analysis come into picture.
The dimensions of the business changes when additional features to the model are added. With the option to pre-record lectures, students can watch them at their convenient time and stay on par with the lectures. This has been made possible by the custom video streaming facility.This also gives an opportunity to the educators to create personalised content based on each student’s performance.
As a result, quality of teaching increases which is in turn beneficial for the business itself.
As a website, you get a good look at the data about your consumers. From number of views per page to number of people who have signed up for your programmes. This helps you in making better business decisions and also understanding customer behaviour.
Importance of college degree:
With the progression of the world, having a degree is a minimum qualification required for most quality jobs. And college degrees are getting extremely expensive which makes it difficult to afford education. E-learning allows deviating from a set syllabus to provide students with knowledge that is always relevant. Online education is highly popular, effective and affordable due to advances in machine learning.

This education software can focus on specific areas where students need to improve, which makes the teaching and learning experience more learner-centric. The online education system has provided and ensured a personal touch into teaching and learning, which offers a positive interface between instructors and learners.
Demand of machine learning:

Machine learning, being so much in demand, can be a business model in itself. The number of people wanting machine learning as a subject are increasing day-by-day. This acts as an advantage to education providing spaces to inculcate it as a course.Today, there is a gap between students and educators. There is a need for a MLPaaS Machine Learning Platform as a Service.
An all-in-one space where educators can interact with their students to make the learning more interactive and less on-way.
It can expedite the development of new and more innovative forms of online education and can adapt and adjust to the individual learning requirements of every student. The algorithms help to analyse the capacity of the students and modify teaching approaches for boosting the teaching and learning experience in a globalised classroom by enabling the instructors to cultivate best academic practices.
All in all, the inculcation of ML into your teaching platforms can only result in positive impact when used by your customers when done right. This is the best time in the industry to gravitate towards algorithms because it reduces clerical work and makes the user experience much better.
Authored by Deepak Mishra, Founder and CEO, Prodevans Technologies.
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