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How Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can Benefit Society – Analytics Insight

The great majority of debate about artificial intelligence (AI) starts with the capabilities of existing or emergent technologies like machine learning (ML), deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) and asks where these might be used. But an alternative approach turns the question on its head and asks how institutions or systems could be more intelligent. The spread of intelligent machines often coincides with less intelligence at a systems level. How should ‘thought’ happen at a large scale, involving many people and frequently many machines, to better solve social problems? In particular, let’s discuss collective intelligence and AI to benefit society.
There’s a great potential in AI if handled well, but many of the biggest gains will come from better approaches to combining human and machine intelligence, especially harnessing the intelligence of groups for social purposes.
A solar-infused autonomous drone scans for forest fires. A surgeon first operates on a digital heart before the individual picks up a scalpel. Global community bands together are going to print personal protection equipment to fight a pandemic.
And this is possible with cloud computing, AI and a virtual 3D design shop or the 3DEXPERIENCE innovation lab. This open innovation laboratory adopts the concept of the social enterprise and merges collective intelligence with a cross-collaborative approach by building communities of people who are passionate and willing to accomplish a common objective.
3DEXPERIENCE innovation lab is neither only a software nor only cloud, but it’s also a community of people’s skills and services available for the marketplace. As technologies are now more accessible, newcomers can also disrupt. And for software companies like Dassault Systèmes, there are unlimited real-world opportunities with the power of collective intelligence, especially when one is bringing together industry experts, healthcare professionals, makers, and scientists to tackle COVID-19 pandemic. This approach could be an interesting way to accelerate, to transfer the know-how, and avoid any mistakes.
3DEXPERIENCE Lab program provides those start-ups that impact society as a disruptive product or project aiming to make real impact access to this software and professional solutions that the industry is using in their everyday activities. Because of the cloud platform with its communities, start-ups get access to mentors. And these mentors help them boost their development, providing know-how and knowledge.
As 3DExperience Lab creates a way for an enterprise to develop an entire product as a 3D vision, integrating feedback from the research lab, the factory floor, and the customer, all the stakeholders can work in a single environment in the cloud using some apps like CATIA or SolidWorks. They can get done the engineering part of the job on the same data model they would use to perform their own simulations. Any kind of digital simulation helps those people to accelerate the engineering and the design of their product. By following that, they can optimise the design and then go to the manufacturing aspect, delivering all the processes required for programming the machines. It is a standard way to operate.
This platform also offers accessibility to services for the marketplace. As early-stage start-ups struggle to find the right partner or the right supplier to manufacture something, they can source components from millions of components that are available through qualified suppliers online at one click of a button.
They can access thousands of factories globally, wherein they can produce their parts through those factories, managing all the business online between the two suppliers. They may also have access to engineering services where one wishes to do something, but one doesn’t have the skills to do it. Hence the individual then contracts the job to a service bureau or qualified partners that could deliver the job. So it is not only software or cloud but also a community of people’s skills and services available for the marketplace.

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