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  • January 22, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) is taking the world by storm and BLS International is utilizing its resources and technology to come up with best technical solutions for the Travel Industries.
AI in travel and tourism is being used to predict travel choices, personalize services, complete bookings and manage in-trip and post-trip needs. The industry is adopting an AI-first approach, banking on “relevance” becoming the winning factor.
Various AI tools currently benefiting the industry are –
1. Chat Bots: The Chat bots are the most commonly used medium that interact with the traveller to understand the needs and help the person in getting the updated information. BLS uses this interactive method the current status of the travel document that is being processed to the traveller. This tool helps provide relevant information to the applicant with reduced interaction/ conversation. For example, just a text to a chatbot saying, “current status of the application number xxxx1234”, accomplishes the task and shows the current status of the application to the traveller.
Similarly, using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Bots can be deployed to accomplish more complex personalization using AI for context. For example, it can help a Chinese language traveller negotiate their way around a European airport with ease and speed, plus without hiring extra staff.
2. Travel Document Scan: AI helps in recognising a blocked or blacklisted traveller as part of security clearance by scanning their passports and E-residency cards. BLS uses the document readers to analyze and verify the authentication of the travel documents using AI at the backend and to match them with the repository of the approved documents.
3. E-Visas: BLS e-Visa system helps eliminate all the laborious processing of personal information. Harnessing OCR technology, the software is able to extract all the pertinent visa applicant’s personal information at the blink of an eye with zero error.
4. User Experience Management: Based on the analytics and the AI built into the system, the correct customer sentiments are captured and processed to give a better and more efficient service. BLS uses the feedback mechanism to analyze the sentiments of the traveller/ applicant and tries to improve upon the customer delight by providing services that the applicant intends or aspires to.
5. End of tiresome paper-bound process: Facial recognition technology promises to bring an end to paper-bound processes. With facial recognition, travellers can seamlessly move through airports, immigration, customs and board aircrafts without the need for having travel documents scrutinized at each step.
6. Quicker verification: Use of AI & ML techniques to extract applicant’s particulars from passport photos, automates the verification process of passport information received from the specific countries.

Author: BLS International Services Limited
BLS International is one of the world’s largest Indian specialist service providers for outsourcing of visa, passport, consular, attestation and technology services to the governments and diplomatic missions.

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