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Powering Data Centers with AI and Machine Learning – Analytics Insight

With the growing significance of data in today’s businesses, data management is critical to manage and govern large data sets for business growth. Companies are leveraging advanced analytics and automation tools to process vast amounts of data. They are also capitalizing on well-equipped data centers for better data management. Data centers offer seamless data backup and recovery facilities while supporting cloud storage applications and transactions. As they provide distinct capabilities to business data storage, companies are turning to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance their data center infrastructure.
Machine learning, an advanced subset of artificial intelligence, can examine and find patterns in large amounts of data. It has the potential to optimize every aspect of data center operations, including planning and designing, uptime maintenance, managing IT workloads, and cost controlling. AI and machine learning are expected to immensely improve the efficiency of data centers. According to IDC, 50% of IT assets in data centers will run autonomously as a result of embedded AI functionality.

AI and Machine Learning to Power Smart Data Centers
Data Centers have evolved from being just a storage facility to a crucial business IT infrastructure. As data centers are seen as a big supercomputer, modern data centers use multiple servers to optimize further and boost their processing and computing power. Almost every organization these days needs a data center to process tons of information every day.
Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to enter different computing applications revolutionizing businesses’ data center management. AI data centers will help companies to drive data-driven decision making. They will also aid organizations to stay ahead of ever-growing data storage and processing requirements. AI in data centers can significantly improve data security as these centers are more vulnerable to cyber threats. This technology identifies normal behavior in networks and detects cyber risks based on abnormalities and deviation in the networks. AI in data centers can also streamline the management of complex computing and allows data processing centers to function autonomously and more efficiently.
Using machine learning-powered systems could potentially contribute to predictive and preventive maintenance. They can provide colling efficiency by improving energy efficiency, controlling temperature and adjusting cooling systems. Optimizing energy consumption has been of utmost concern as electricity cost is a crucial factor for data center infrastructures.
Energy costs soar by around 10% every year, resulting in the higher cost per kWh. In the United States alone, data centers consume over 90 billion kWh of electricity in a year. The usage reaches higher on a global scale, as data centers across the world use around 416 terawatts of electricity. AI and machine learning, nonetheless, can bring numerous benefits to companies’ energy usage in data centers. Search engine Google, for instance, has applied artificial intelligence in its data centers to efficient energy use, resulting in reduced energy consumption by 40%.
AI and machine learning can also be used to monitor server performance, network congestions and disk utilization that help detect and envisage data outages. Thus, AI and machine learning revolution can enhance data center infrastructure and facilitate more intelligent and automated data management.

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