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Technology breakthrough is happening at a rapid pace, particularly in artificial intelligence. This evolving technology is making headlines every day, getting closer to every aspect of human lives and influencing how businesses are performing. With relentless innovations and developments and staying germane in the modern digital age, more and more companies are turning to AI technology. The shift towards this cutting-edge technology is driving hefty of amounts investing in AI startups and companies from big businesses and investors.
As the new year is predicting a new era of innovations, here is the list of top artificial intelligence funding raised in January 2021.

Perfect Corp.
Amount Raised: US$50 Million
Transaction Type: Series C
Key Investor(s): Goldman Sachs
Perfect Corp. is a beauty technology solutions provider and virtual beauty app developer. The company earlier this month raised US$50 million in a Series C funding round led by Goldman Sachs. Perfect plans to use this fresh capital to enhance its artificial intelligence tools across multichannel retail and push forward with its global corporate expansion. The company builds AI and augmented reality solutions for the beauty industry.

Amount Raised: US$30 Million
Transaction Type: Series B
Key Investor(s): Insight Partners
The provider of innovative orchestration and virtualization software for artificial intelligence, Run:AI raised an additional US$30 million in a Series B funding. The round was led by Insight Partners, with participation from existing investors TLV Partners and S-Capital. This latest funding brings Run:AI’s total venture financing to US$43 million. According to the company, the company will use the investment to fund rapid expansion and recruitment.

Amount Raised: US$20 Million
Transaction Type: Series C
Key Investor(s): ABC World Asia
CropIn is a leading artificial intelligence and data-driven agritech firm that empowers stakeholders to reimagine agriculture with data. The company raised US$20 million in Series C funding led by ABC World Asia, an Asia-focused private equity fund, along with existing investors Chiratae Ventures, Invested Development and Ankur Capital as well as other new investors. This fresh capital will enable Cropln to focus on its global expansion while continuing to innovate on its machine learning-based predictive analytics platform, SmartRisk to further strengthen its AI capabilities.

Amount Raised: US$17.2 Million
Transaction Type: Series B
Key Investor(s): SBI Investment
Mfine is a health-tech startup that develops an AI-powered telemedicine mobile app. The company recently received US$17.2 million in a Series B round led by SBI Investment, a Japan-based venture capital firm and a subsidiary of the SBI Group. Singapore-based SBI Ven Capital which is SBI Group’s Southeast-Asian investment arm and tech-focused global venture capital firm BEENEXT also participated in the round alongside existing investors, Stellaris Venture Partners and Prime Venture Partners. The fund will enable Mfine to bolster its investment in artificial intelligence, mobile engineering, and device integration.

AlphaICs Corporation
Amount Raised: US$8 Million
Transaction Type: Series B
Key Investor(s): Emerald Technology Ventures, Endiya Partners
AlphaICs, an artificial intelligence-driven startup advancing the next generation of AI compute, secured US$8 million in a Series B funding round. The round was led by Endiya Partners and Emerald Technology Ventures, along with existing investors including ReBright Partners and 3One4 Capital, Aaruha Technology Fund, IREON Ventures, Canal Ventures, JSR Corporation, CBC Co. Ltd. and the Whiteboard Capital. AlphaICs will use the funds to develop the software stack and build system solutions for its target markets.

Amount Raised: US$500,000
Transaction Type: Angel Round
Key Investor(s): Sultan Chand and Sons
DcodeAI, an edtech startup offering no-code tools to teach students to utilize artificial intelligence, bagged US$500,000 in an angel round from publishing house Sultan Chand and Sons. Following this funding, the company launched a new DIY learning platform including natural language processing, computer vision, data science for students. Founded in 2020, DcodeAI democratizes AI-powered learning for primary and secondary level students.

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