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How can Artificial Intelligence Aid in Software Testing – Analytics Insight

All this while we’ve seen systems crashing, massive technology meltdown, software bugs and what not. These issues are annoying and cost a lot to the organizations in terms of time as well as money. This makes software testing all the more reason as to why should it be considered critical. But what has been observed over the years is that software testing techniques that organizations employ are slow, face constraints in terms of resources and are also labour intensive.
As known to many, Quality Assurance testers are associated with the task of testing the software and systems and they write scripts to make sure that the results obtained are just the way they want. But that isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are multiple things to be tested which means multiple scripts to go ahead with. Also, another point worth throwing light upon is that the cost of finding the bug increases exponentially as it progresses from the stage of development to the stage where it is found by the customer. Needless to say, organizations shell out a lot of money in testing.
Most of the organizations accomplish this task of software testing manually and this is where the problem lies. Had it not been the case of too much labour being involved in this task, the situation would have been different – in terms of budget, time and resource constraints. What could be the alternative then? Well, artificial intelligence is doing wonders in every possible area and has proved to be better than human intelligence in some aspects as well.
With that being said, testing can be automated thus making software testing much easier to deal with. However, testing using automated tools does not eliminate manual tester completely but surely does cut down on the labour. A tester will have to write a script just like before to test functionality and once it is optimised and proven to work, then that script can then be recycled and used to retest the same functions when further changes are made, thus eliminating the need to write codes again and again.
Earlier testing a few things required hours but today, with the advent of technology and with AI being put to proper use, thousands of scripts are done in a matter of minutes. With improved speed, comes better testing coverage. Also, AI gives the organizations flexibility to test several things at the same time which couldn’t have been possible with limited human capacity.
With machine learning in place, AI test automation generates its own scripts, tests the functionality, performance and security of systems by checking for any functional changes and adapting code as needed.
No wonder, getting acquainted with techniques involving Artificial Intelligence to test systems and software isn’t that easy a task but considering the results obtained, one would surely want to implement the same. Yes, the initial cash outflow to get the technology deployed is high but in the long run, it’ll prove to be beneficial for sure. Getting used to the technicalities will surely take time but in the end, what matters is that it’ll all be worth it!

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