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  • February 2, 2021
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CLEVELAND, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The majority of marketers know artificial intelligence is essential to their success this year. But, lack of education and training is holding the industry back, with 70 percent of respondents identifying it as a barrier to adoption of AI in their marketing. This is just one of the key findings from the 2021 State of Marketing AI Report, released today by Drift and Marketing AI Institute. 
The two companies teamed up in fall 2020 to gain unparalleled insights into the awareness, understanding and adoption of AI throughout the marketing industry. 
Using Marketing AI Institute’s AI Score for MarketersTM assessment, marketers had the opportunity to answer 13 survey questions, and rate the value of 49 sample marketing AI use cases. More than 400 marketers answered portions of the survey, and 235 completed all questions and use case ratings.
The report finds that forward-thinking organizations and marketers are using AI to accelerate revenue and reduce costs. In the process, building sustainable competitive advantages for their products and their people. Unfortunately, most marketers still lack the education, training and confidence needed to pilot and scale AI technologies.
Key findings from the report include:

52 percent say AI is very important (37 percent) or critically important (15 percent) to the success of their marketing over the next 12 months.
41 percent of marketers are achieving revenue acceleration with AI today. 
50 percent classify their understanding of AI terminology and capabilities at the beginner level, while another 37 percent identify at the intermediate level. 
56 percent believe AI will create more marketing jobs than it eliminates over the next decade.
80 percent believe they will be intelligently automating more than a quarter of their marketing tasks in the next five years.

“The 2021 State of Marketing AI Report shows that marketers see the power and potential of artificial intelligence to transform the marketing industry,” said, Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO, Marketing AI Institute. “But, it also demonstrates that we are just getting started in terms of understanding and adoption.”  
Download the full report at 
About Marketing AI InstituteMarketing Artificial Intelligence Institute is an online education and conference business that makes AI approachable and actionable to marketing leaders around the world. The Institute hosts the annual Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) in Cleveland, Ohio, and runs the AI Academy for Marketers online education platform and community. Learn more at 
About DriftDrift is the Revenue Acceleration Platform that uses Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to help companies grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value faster. 
More than 50,000 businesses use Drift to align sales and marketing on a single platform to deliver a unified customer experience where people are free to have a conversation with a business at any time, on their terms.
SOURCE Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute
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