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Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Apply in February 2021 – Analytics Insight

There is no doubt that advanced technologies have become essential in today’s businesses worldwide. Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is providing organizations opportunities to drive business growth and innovation. Along with the ubiquitous adoption of technology, jobs in artificial intelligence are surging at an exponential rate. Analytics insight estimates that there will be 10,06,945 job openings in artificial intelligence in 2021. In India, the demand will continue rapidly with the government’s steps towards digitization and the emergence of startups and companies. The average artificial intelligence salary in India is INR 534,000, according to Glassdoor.
Here’s the list of top artificial intelligence jobs you can apply for in February 2021.

CGI Group, Inc.
Job Role: AI and ML Developer
Location: Bangalore
Job Description:
CGI is at the center of digital transformation, supporting its clients’ digital journeys and offering professionals exciting career opportunities. The company is looking for AI and ML developers. Candidates for this position must have the ability to design, develop and implement AI and ML algorithms. They should have hands-on experience in at least 2-3 Deep Learning & AI Framework and machine learning coding languages.
• Should have knowledge of Python and artificial intelligence.
• Experience of 2-3 ML/Data science Tools, two development tools, and 2-3 data exploration and visualization tools.
• Must have worked on 3 to 4 projects implementing AI and ML algorithms and productionalizing the same.
• Must have good communication skills and is a good team player.
• Ability to lead a project from start to finish and guide other members who are new to AI-ML, and more.
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Location: Pune
Job Role: Senior Software Engineer – Deep Learning
Job Description:
NVIDIA is currently seeking an experienced software engineer with strong Deep Learning and System Programming fundamentals coupled with robust C/C++ skills. The selected candidate will contribute to the development of the NVIDIA RTX Broadcast engine, a comprehensive suite of SDKs and libraries that enable AI-driven features for game broadcasting, video conferencing and content creation. He/she will architect and lead the development of next-generation deep learning and multimedia algorithms for the processing of audio and video applications.
• D./MS in Computer Science or a closely related engineering field with 10+ years of relevant experience.
• Strong background in Deep Learning including model design, pruning & performance optimization, transfer learning, etc.
• 4+ years of experience of leading cross-module projects and taking them to productization.
• Strong software engineering background with proficiency in C or C++.
• Hands-on expertise with PyTorch, TensorRT, CuDNN and one or more Deep Learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, etc), and more.
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StarTele Logic
Location: Noida
Job Role: Artificial Intelligence Developer – Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Job Description:
The ideal candidate will be responsible for using NLP and ML techniques to bring order to unstructured data. He/she should have experience in the latest techniques in AI, NLP, machine learning, including Deep Learning approaches. The aspirant will work within the engineering team to design, code, train, test, deploy and iterate on enterprise-scale machine learning systems.
• Experience in applying machine learning techniques, Natural Language Processing or Computer Vision.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Solid software engineering skills across multiple languages including but not limited to Java or Python, CC++.
• Problem solver: able to work independently, and be comfortable with deadlines and milestones.
• Deep understanding of ML techniques such as classification, clustering, deep learning, optimization methods, supervised and unsupervised techniques, and more.
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Location: Telangana
Job Role: Procurement Data Scientist – NLP
Job Description:
The selected candidate will be required to design, develop and deliver various data science-based insights, outcomes and innovation. He/she will create “proof of concepts & blueprints” to drive faster, timely, highly precise, workable and proactive decision-making based on data-driven insights and science and shape the strategic glidepath of the company. The candidate should think creatively, conceptualize and lead projects resulting in substantial long-term impact on the company’s vision in many key strategic areas such as drug discovery/manufacturing, product launches, expanding patient access, risk mitigation, brand management, etc.
• S/Ph.d in Computer Science, Robotics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Medicine, Technology, and other related disciplines.
• 6 -10 years of overall experience with a demonstrated track record in data science solutions.
• Exposed to concepts in NLP & Statistics, esp., in their application such as Sentiment Analysis, Contextual NLP, Dependency, Parsing, Chunking, Summarization, etc.
• Comfortable in using Python or R to build automated dashboards, and more.
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Location: Bangalore
Job Role: TTT – Manager – AI
Job Description:
As a member of EY’s core Tax practice, the ideal candidate will develop a deep tax technical knowledge and outstanding database, data analytics and programming skills. He/she will be required to apply machine learning techniques to deliver actionable insights. The candidate will be responsible for model development – manipulation including data exploration, training data, feature extraction and model development, validation and scoring on structured and unstructured data and to highlight patterns, anomalies, relationships and trends, and more.
• Bachelors / Master’s degree in Science or Statistics / Engineering / MCA/ MBA.
• An overall experience of 4+ years of which 2-3 years of hands-on work experience with AI and ML techniques and tools such as neural networks, regression, classification and clustering, NLP, ARIMA algorithms.
• A couple of years of experience with data sources and platforms such as Unix/Linux, Teradata, Hadoop, and SQL Server.
• Expertise in software such as R, Python, Java or C++, and more.
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