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Kite Releases Team Server, an Enterprise Grade Self-Hosted Machine Learning Engine That Provides Personalized Code Completion at Scale – PRNewswire

“As a startup that is growing its team of developers, it is paramount that we maximize efficiency when it comes to code completion,” said Aasim Sani, Co-Founder and COO at Orai. “Once our engineering team started using Kite we became much more productive and our time to market on product development has increased tremendously. Kite makes writing code less repetitive and even fun, which has been important in our goal to increase the number of full-time developers on staff.”

Programmers spend too much time on repetitive tasks such as looking up documentation on the web, fixing simple errors, and writing boilerplate code. These inefficiencies make programming less enjoyable, block creative problem solving, and contribute to teams shipping less software. By surfacing the right information at the right time, Kite helps programmers write better code faster.
Kite Team Server provides better code completions, more often, due to the deployment of an advanced GPU that sits inside a company’s internal network. The Kite Team Server GPU trains personalized ML models based on a company’s proprietary codebase so that code never leaves a company’s network. Completions shown by Kite Team Server guide developers to repeat idioms and patterns from internal code.
Compared to Kite Free, the company’s flagship offering for individuals, the average completion length doubles from two words to four words, and completions used per line of code written increases by 40%. These code suggestions help developers stay in flow and write code faster.
Kite Team Server provides completions in all of the most popular programming languages and IDEs. Enterprise developer teams don’t write code in one language or even one editor. Teams that use Kite can leverage the completions engine across a wide range of tasks with built-in support for 16 languages and 16 IDEs.
Kite Team Server Includes:

Enterprise grade security – insert product feature description here (1-2 sentences)
Larger machine learning models: Kite Team Server is powered by server-scale ML models that use 25X as many parameters as the ones used for Kite Free. Completions powered by Kite Team Server are longer and smarter.
Custom models trained on company code: Kite Team Server allows companies to securely train machine learning models on their proprietary code base. Personalized completions are more relevant and guide developers to repeat idioms and patterns from internal code. Junior developers can more easily navigate unfamiliar or undocumented code.

“Over 400,000 developers trust Kite, including software engineers at 35% of the Fortune 500, and so this technology has been stress tested the past few years,” said Adam Smith, CEO and co-founder. “We have grown from a single Python code completion tool into present-day where enterprise teams can use Kite across 16 programming languages. Our users asked for this enterprise version of Kite. So this completions engine is a solution that is agile enough to provide value to teams of just a few developers and robust enough to support thousands of simultaneous users. Our new enterprise-grade application architecture satisfies the most rigorous IT and security requirements.”
About Kite
Kite is automating away the repetitive parts of writing code so software developers can focus on programming. Like Smart Compose for Gmail, Kite’s Multi-Line Completions feature uses deep learning to save developers time. Kite’s Intelligent Snippets allow developers to complete complex, multi-token statements without copy-pasting from a web search or existing codebase. Backed by Trinity Ventures and the founders of Dropbox, PayPal & Twitch, Kite has raised $17 million to build the future of programming.
Contact: Colin Crook [email protected]