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Here’s how AI and ML is simplifying study abroad application process for overseas universities – India Today

Each year, thousands of students from India send applications to prospective universities abroad. But finding the right college takes time and effort. It can include intense research followed by a lengthy application process.
Edvoy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to simplify the process of applying to an overseas university.
Here are four ways how it can help you:
Recommendations based on students’ search history, preferences, and profile information
Sometimes it is tricky to shortlist just a few universities. For example, the US and the UK have over 2,000 institutions to choose from.
Here comes the role of AI and ML. It plays a vital role in information gathering about universities across the globe.
Students can take the help of study abroad platforms that use AI and ML in providing a recommended list of universities based on students’ search history, preference, and profile information.
Improved course search results based on user analytics
There are over 65 thousand undergraduate, postgraduate, and research courses offered by hundreds of universities across the UK. This can be difficult for students to navigate independently.
AI and ML integrated search tools can help students’ find out courses of their interest. The search platform takes into account user analytics and enables you to find the course that you are looking for in a much simpler manner.
It further incorporates student data with subject preference, location, choice of career, and grades that helps universities to analyse student’s future choices.
Automated document verification
The traditional way of enrolling at an institution can be time-consuming. Automated document verification reduces time and effort on the documentation and application verification.
The automation of this process also helps speed up applicant document verification. This means your application will get processed quicker, and you’ll receive your acceptance sooner!
Automated guidance
When students search for universities and courses to apply to, they usually have questions and want immediate responses.
Due to the different time zones, students have spread across, portals can occasionally miss these queries.
This is where AI and ML come to the rescue. The most common questions are studied and are taught to the chatbots via machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. As a result, these AI chatbots mimic direct human conversation and provide quick information to students’ queries.
AI is no longer limited to the world of science fiction. The new-age technologies are revolutionising the education sector through many study abroad platforms.
AI and ML are not only simplifying the study abroad application process but also allowing students to apply to multiple universities in one place as well as providing virtual guidance to make an informed decision.
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