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Using AI and Machine Learning will increase in horti industry –

The expectation is that in 2021, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will continue to become more mainstream. Businesses that haven’t traditionally viewed themselves as candidates for AI applications will embrace these technologies.
A great story of machine learning being used in an industry that is not known for its technology investments is the story of Makoto Koike. Using Google’s TensorFlow, Makoto initially developed a cucumber sorting system using pictures that he took of the cucumbers. With that small step, a machine learning cucumber sorting system was born.
Getting started with AI and machine learning is becoming increasingly accessible for organizations of all sizes. Technology-as-a-service companies — including Microsoft, AWS and Google — all have offerings that will get most organizations started on their AI and machine learning journeys. These technologies can be used to automate and streamline manual business processes that have historically been resource-intensive.
An article on claims that, as business leaders continue to refine their processes to support the “new normal” of the Covid-19 pandemic, they should be considering where these technologies might help reduce manual, resource-intensive or paper-based processes. Any manual process should be fair game for review for automation possibilities.

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