OnSeen Announces Addition of New Artificial Intelligence Service to its LiveClaims Solution to Streamline and Accelerate the Claims Management Process for P&C Insurers – PRNewswire

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  • February 17, 2021
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OnSeen, Inc. announced today the development of a new Artificial Intelligence service for its LiveClaims Solution  aimed at accelerating and personalizing the claims adjustment and settlement process for P&C insurance policyholders. Using the LiveClaims AI service to intelligently automate adjuster assignment and scheduling, while simultaneously replacing manual claims adjustment activities with virtual processes, makes field adjusting faster and more efficient. In addition, automated, more accurate claims estimates can be generated in a fraction of the time compared to traditional desk adjusting by using the LiveClaims Optimizer’s AI-based, learning models. These models simultaneously analyze claims data, inspection reports, replacement material, and labor cost tables. The result is a significant  acceleration of claims settlement times and increased efficiency across the entire claims adjustment workflow, which is critical during catastrophes  in which hundreds of claims may need to be processed within a compress timeline.                                    
“We are applying an AI, machine learning model, A2C, as the framework for the development of our new AI service,” said Ryan Memmelaar, OnSeen CTO. “During the developmental phase, we are doing model research, testing, and training using historical claims data. After production launch of the new AI service, we will perform model training and improvement through a continuous feedback loop using real claims data captured in production.”
The LiveClaims Solution, supported by OnSeen’s new AI service, seamlessly connects all parties involved in the claim adjustment workflow in real-time through an affordable, easy-to-use, mobile-web platform. LiveClaims is comprised of a set of integrated components. The Admin Console is used by Claims Managers to monitor, manage and oversee the Claims Adjustment process. The Adjuster App is used by field adjusters to connect with policyholders and claims managers, and capture and upload collected data required to write the claim estimate through its intelligent, dynamic property inspection forms. The Policyholder Portal is used by Policyholders to submit their claim details and photos, receive notifications and monitor their claim status in real time. And the new, AI-enabled version of the LiveClaims Optimizer applies intelligence and continual learning to the claims management process, resulting in more accurate, accelerated claims adjusting, writing and settlement.   
“LiveClaims is the core technology component of our new, revolutionary Pace-EVO scoper/writer claims management service,” said Bill Brassfield, CEO of Pacesetter Claims Services. “We are excited to continue partnering with OnSeen on the development of their new AI service that will make our Pace-EVO claims adjustment process faster, more accurate, and policyholder-friendly.”
About OnSeen:
Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2017, OnSeen, Inc provides mobile workforce management software for the insurance, healthcare and government markets. The OnSeen family of services, including LiveClaims, LiveCare and LiveGov are focused on helping organizations manage their remote people, places, and things. OnSeen is a veteran-friendly company.
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