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News | ADGS Announces STROKK a Machine Learning Security Software | Pipeline Publishing – Pipeline Magazine

An Artificial Intelligence software
that increases the security level of any password by a factor of 10,000
developed by Deep Technology startup, ADGS Qatar.
STROKK provides a transparent second factor authentication and additional layer of security based on the concept of behavioral biometrics, or neuromuscular behavior.
“STROKK leaves random password guessing attacks obsolete, and stolen credentials entirely insignificant,” says ADGS CEO, Christophe Billiottet. “STROKK learns the neuromuscular speed processes between your brain and your fingers by means of a regular computer keyboard. It then clearly recognizes you from anyone else.”
Using Machine Learning and proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, ADGS
is proud to demonstrate that their solution is the most accurate currently
available worldwide, with less than 0.01% false positive and 1.8% false
negative, lowered to 0.2% after a second attempt. This increases the password
security by a factor of 10,000 at least.
The distinctive aspects of STROKK include:

Can be implemented without any change on user’s side, on any platform, in any
language, at any level
Adds a cost-effective extra layer of protection: no additional hardware is
needed – detects and prevents fraudulent authentication attempts
Renders stolen credentials useless
Blocks password sharing
Certifies a user working on a company PC or server
Prevents identity theft
Might be used as forensic proof
May allow to discover the identity of an impostor if he/she is from the same
entity staff

“ADGS was founded with the mission to develop ethical algorithms for computers
to analyze and reproduce human behavior without ever using private data,” says
Billiottet. “STROKK is one of our most outstanding examples and outcomes of
this commitment.”STROKK is currently deployed at a Cyber Defense Center and several Banks in the
Middle East and America.

Source: ADGS media announcement