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Artificial Intelligence Used in Different Industries – Analytics Insight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular topics in any works of fiction set in the future. It’s easy to see why because it is one of the most used assets in modern society. Anything with a computer chip runs with AI. Your desktop and mobile devices are some examples. Other products like cars and refrigerators with ‘smart’ in the name also have AI.

Artificial intelligence is a programmed thinking process. Each one is created differently for specific purposes. Depending on the reason for its creation, it can be simple such as doing the same task over and over.
It can also be complex at the level that it can represent a human being for decisions that need a deep understanding of logistics. Some AI are built to act as super-computers capable of serving multiple users across the internet. Sometimes, they’re just made to automate electronic games like slots in sites like Casinodays or enemy fighters in arcades.

Many industries also use AI. It automates tasks that can be seen as tedious so human resources can be focused on other stuff that needs smarter decision making. It also lessens the possibility of human error in an otherwise streamlined production process. The use of AI decreases the need for human operators for heavy machines as well. Here are some examples of AI used in different industries.

The word ‘robot’ is often imagined as humanoid machines. It can take so many forms, depending on the task they are made for. If you enter a factory for pharmaceutical labs or manufacturing companies, you can see machines with no human operators. Some look like cranes while others are huge blocks where materials go in and products go out.
These are ‘embodied AI’ or ‘AI with bodies’. They help make mass production faster and more accurate. When used in healthcare, robots can help readjust an entire room or specific machines to cater to the patients’ needs.
AI also works great to ensure the safety of workers. In mining and the military, robots are sent to places that are too dangerous for a person to enter. That being said, robotics are also used for processing minerals and manufacturing weapons.

Entertainment Bot
There are plenty of AI created for entertainment purposes. They can go by different names but most would simply refer to them as ‘entertainment bots’. The most popular of which are video game AI to serve as the players’ virtual opponent. AI is present in every video game. It can be the armed NPC trying to counter the player’s tactics or the game itself trying to generate a new, unique arena for each level. AI is also present in gambling games.

Informational Bot
Informational bots, or information bots, are meant to help visitors when looking for specific articles or conversation threads related to a keyword they want to use. Specialized forums, institutions, and online casinos like Casinodays have them. They work like search engines but the contents they find are limited to the pages of the website.

Chatbots are AI programmed to respond to users’ questions. Some were made for emotional or psychological help like Replika. Others serve as virtual assistants representing websites like the Wall Street Journal. Just like informational bots, chatbots help users find their way around a database. The main difference is that they are also programmed to respond directly just as a human agent would.

Most are designed to be formal while others can be casual, depending on how the company wants to be represented. Many c hatbots are also designed to learn from their interactions. Some of them were given the freedom to operate their social media accounts or scour the internet for references.

Web Crawlers/Spiders
Search engines like Google and Bing use AI to browse the entire internet for content related to the keywords you give. The same AI also curates its findings by sorting them in the order of the most relevant to the least.
The appropriately named ‘web crawlers’ scour the World Wide Web even when you are not searching yet. These AI will make copies of data that exist in the network then index them. When you do eventually look for them, the browser can produce them quickly.

Automation Bots
Automation bots perhaps the kind of AI that is mostly offered for individuals or small businesses. They are programmed to complete actions on a person’s behalf. They don’t need prompts or commands to work for an entire day. Most of the time, they are left unchecked for a full week.
Just like robots, they were meant to complete simple tasks that are necessary but too tedious for a human worker. The difference is that they can be implemented on the internet or software as a plug-in program. They are mostly used for many things related to finance.
For investors, editing the portfolio regularly is a must, but the actions that need to be done can be as easy as a set of if-and-then instructions. That is one of the most basic programming commands. Many companies develop financing bots. Some are more flexible than others so the client can give it more advanced work.

AI offers a wide variety of services. Many can use them for important and streamlined jobs such as mass production and data gathering. Others can serve as virtual playmates such as enemy soldiers in a shooting game or a virtual dealer in Casinodays.
The main purpose of an AI is to make certain tasks automatically so there’s no need to hire skilled personnel. Some of these tasks may need skills such as mathematical precision and careful hands. Such skills are hard to find in a person so hiring a large number of skilled professionals is not economically plausible. AI technology grows along with the innovation of computer science and many industries eagerly await what the future holds.