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  • March 11, 2021
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India, 11th March 2021: Since 2015, Thoucentric, the niche management consulting firm, has been guiding businesses to solve complex problems across various industries and functions. Thoucentric prides itself in applying its deep domain-based functional knowledge in the areas of supply chain, finance, sales & distribution and ensures problem solving of complex business problems through necessary process and technology interventions. Their hands-on unique approach in using their understanding of the legacy and current technology solutions available in the market has already helped them gain trust of their clients. In less than five years since its inception, Thoucentric has a strong clientele with companies such as Unilever, P&G, Mondelez, Nivea, Mahindra, JK Paper, Loreal, PMI and many others covering diverse industry sectors including CPG, Automotive, Paper, Tobacco, Paints, and Food and Beverages. To add to their arsenal of tools and processes which guide businesses to success, Thoucentric added analytics and emerging technologies to build solutions from scratch and expedite the solutioning process. Over time, Thoucentric realised the value of the assets built by them and decided to further offer them as platforms. This helped pave the path for the birth of Thoucentric Labs – subsidiary of Thoucentric. The platforms launched by the consulting firm offer solutions catering to the needs of demand and supply planners, manufacturing managers, and commodity traders and procurement teams across all industries.

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Neelakshi Kotnis, Founder & Director, Thoucentric (Thoucentric)

Neelakshi Kotnis, Founder & Director, says, “Thoucentric is a function of our super stellar employees and esteemed clients, who trusted us from Day 1. We humbly thank them and look forward to their continued support and encouragement. Our positioning has been that of problem-solving with a focus on execution on ground rather than pure advisory. This launch of our platform venture is a big validation that we know how to do exactly that. We are now providing digitally engineered solutions through Thoucentric Labs. Three cheers and all the very best to the Thoucentric Labs team!” Archi Bagchi, Founder & Director, says, “Significant effort has gone into the creation of our platform solutions. They have come to a stage where the dedicated focus will be required to make them best-in-class and to take them to the market. This will also release some margin pressure from our services business, which needs re-investment of profits into their own initiatives. The segregation will help us tactically differ in our approaches to build the different organizations, as we continue to innovate under the overall goal of helping our customers with their initiatives and priorities. A lot of work ahead make for exciting times but will also challenge the team to achieve more!”

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Pradeep Jadhav, Co-Founder, Thoucentric (Thoucentric)

Pradeep Jadhav, Co-Founder, says, “Very excited with the launch of Thoucentric Labs, which channels our understanding of what technology can deliver for the industry. Our deep interactions with customers and industry leaders gives us the leverage to build relevant and future capable solutions.” Snapshot of the products offered by Thoucentric labs : PriceVision Provides highly accurate price forecasts of commodities after considering relevant micro and macro-economic factors with the help of AI and ML. PriceVision is able to deliver forecasts in cash and futures markets across relevant trade exchanges for different time horizons and granularity. The product further offers procurement optimization which aids businesses with procurement by indicating — when to procure, how much to procure, and the cost of procurement. PrediQ PrediQ is a predictive quality platform that provides real-time alerts and recommends corrective actions using advanced machine learning models, industrial IoT & Optimization. This is done by analyzing live and historical data collected over time to predict failures in the production processes and promptly notifying the supervisors. ThouSense ThouSense is a demand forecasting platform that combines information such as historical sales, daily demand & real-time signals from all points in the supply chain with diverse external business indicators such as point of sale data, currency fluctuations and weather forecasts based on the product category to churn out accurate short to long term forecasts. Cosmo Cosmo helps business leaders to visualize end-to-end business scenarios, assess impact and readiness to successfully navigate the challenges specific to the scenario on a regular basis. The platform leverages a combination of advanced analytics, SC planning approaches and event simulation models to simulate the business performance for end-to-end scenario planning. To know more about our products, visit and about our services Subscribe to Mint Newsletters * Enter a valid email * Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.