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As the scope of artificial intelligence is growing, big tech organizations are investing, a huge amount of money, towards the research and development of AI solutions. These organizations are in a race to achieve AI supremacy. In this article, we will explore the Top 5 companies with market share, leading the arena of AI.

Amazon Web Services 
The exponential growth of Amazon never ceases. The market Revenue of Amazon for the year 2019, accounted for US$2,130 million, with a market share of 7.1%. The company’s cloud service remains the widely utilized cloud service and accounts for 35% of the company’s revenue. AWS helps customers to build a cloud platform with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability, with advanced computing power, database storage, and content delivery.
With the help of its AI algorithm, Amazon enhances customer experience, optimization in sales and improved operations. Its machine learning model Alexa communicates with the user, with formulating smart answers by leveraging natural language processing. The company’s Amazon echo acts as an assistant and is governed by smart speakers.

Google has a market revenue of US$2,450 million, with a market share of 8.2% in 2019. The company has transformed from a mobile- tech giant to an AI-tech giant. With AI technology integrated in almost all its applications, be it Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search Engines or Google photos it provides customer experience. The company leverages technology such as Google Cloud, and Deep Learning for storing the user’s data, and analysing the users’ habits especially while recommending the videos. Deepmind, is an AI-company acquired by Google which was formed in 2010, is leveraging machine learning for bringing new ideas in the field of healthcare, mathematics, and computing infrastructure.
The company’s Google Assistant is a chatbot that utilizes Natural Language processing that can be connected to a phone, laptop, and speakers to either make calls or search for a topic. It has recently introduced, Google Duplex, which is an AI-driven technology that helps in making appointments and Google lens, is governed by facial recognition and enables to search images online.

With a market revenue of US$3,070 million and a market share of 10.3% in 2019, IBM is leading the artificial intelligence world. With its AI technology IBM Watson, it is utilized in all industries. IBM Watson is a data analytics processor that leverages natural language processing for analyzing human speech to understanding the meaning of human speech and syntax. With its data analytics capabilities, it enables for processing a large amount of data, human speech, and answering questions which were not possible earlier. With its machine learning capabilities to process the new data that is entered in the repository, IBM Watson delivers insightful outcomes to the users. Even though it is deployed in almost every sector of the industry, but the main focus of IBM Watson is in its services for cybersecurity. One of the key attributes of IBM Watson, as mentioned by IBM is to clear out unstructured data and documents by learning the subjects and pairing answers and questions. It can process large documents and generate human-like audio with the help of IBM Watson Text to Speech.

From making series of Window processors for computers, to heavily investing in the research and development of AI, Microsoft’s contribution is equated in both the evaluation of computers and that of Artificial Intelligence. For the year 2019, the market revenue of Microsoft accounted to be at US$2,279, with a market share of 7.6%.
The company’s Microsoft Cortana utilizes natural language processing to communicate with the users and Microsoft Bing utilizes image recognition techniques for recognizing images. The company’s cloud platform Microsoft Azure deploys intelligent cloud services for seamless operations to the customers. The company’s Microsoft 365 leverages data analytics for providing meaningful insights to the customer. In 2019, Microsoft funded the US$1 billion to the AI-research lab OpenAI, to research and explore the possibilities for amalgamation of GPT-3 and Microsoft Azure, for developing super-computing capabilities.

Facebook has reformed from a social network site to an organization whose prime focus remains on artificial intelligence. For the year 2019, the market revenue of Facebook, accounted for US$1,979 million, with a market share of 6.6%. It leverages AI technologies such as Facial Recognition, Language Translation, and machine learning algorithm, amongst others to improve the user’s experience. It leverages AI for thwarting the cases of Suicide, by scanning the posts and comments, and identifying which indicates depression and sadness.
The company’s research group Facebook AI Research (FAIR), is working in technologies such as conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, Computer vision, to provide breakthroughs in AI technology.

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