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Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Muscle Update Utilizes Machine Learning – GameRant

Spider-Man: Miles Morales received a new update this week that added a new “Advanced Tech” suit and realistic simulated muscle deformation. Now a developer from Insomniac Games has revealed technical details on how the muscle deformation works.

Even though Spider-Man: Miles Morales released last November in a complete, well-running, and well-polished state, Insomniac appears to be committed to adding new features and technical improvements to the game after launch. One of the largest updates came in December, when Insomniac released a new “Performance RT” mode that combined Ray Tracing and 60FPS, two features that had previously been separate options.

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This new PS5-exclusive update for Miles Morales adds realistic simulations for Miles’ muscles deforming, as well as cloth simulations for the suit on top. Lead Character Technical Director Josh DiCarlo tweeted comparison images that showcased how much more realistic Miles looks with these new physically based simulations, though the changes are best observed in the GIFs fans assembled in the replies. Now, Miles’ muscles accurately flex and shift in places like his shoulders, back, and arms in a way that makes him look even more life-like.


As for how this tech is possible (and why this update didn’t come to the PS4 version of the game), DiCarlo confirmed that the extra-processing power of the PS5 enables the use of Machine Learning in real-time. DiCarlo said that this kind of simulation technology was “previously only available in film,” which usually does not use real-time rendering. When asked if fans can expect more technical achievements like this during the PS5 generation, DiCarlo responded, “we’re just getting warmed up.”

Machine Learning will only become more important to game development as hardware continues to become more powerful. Not only can Machine Learning help with the creation of realistic animation simulations, it can also help create things like more human-like AI behavior, which EA has patented, that may otherwise not be possible to program by humans.


Developers are also looking into ways in which Machine Learning can improve player experiences. Tech company Modulate has introduced a software called ToxMod, which uses Machine Learning to help curb online abuse by learning to recognize negative or hateful human speech patterns. Early last year, Sony patented technology that could use Machine Learning to help players stuck in a game by suggesting what it learned from the behavior of other players, though it has never been officially announced as a feature that could come to any Sony platform.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available now on PS4 and PS5.


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