Now, judges can take help of artificial intelligence – Times of India

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  • April 6, 2021
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NEW DELHI: Indian judiciary embarked on an “ambitious and pioneering” plan to allow judges to take assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) in deciding cases with Chief Justice S A Bobde on Tuesday launching a specially designed software which will assist judges by furnishing all relevant documents and records of a case at one click, The CJI, however, allayed apprehensions that the new technology will in any manner influence the outcome of a litigation as the “autonomy and discretion” of judges will remain intact with no interference from the software. Justice Bobde has advocated the use of AI in judicial work and has pushed for making the justice delivery system efficient through the help of technology. He said the software SUPACE (Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Courts Efficiency) is unique and is a perfect blend of human and machine intelligence. “We are not going to let the use of AI spill over to decision making. It will fully retain the autonomy and discretion of judges to decide cases, though at a much faster pace at which the readiness of information is made available by AI… I believe that an artificial intelligence system that decides the case could be disastrous to the judiciary,” the CJI said.